Beware, America, Democrats are reinventing themselves

Beware, America, Democrats are reinventing themselves
Be on guard, America, the Democratic Party is "rethinking the party message." Have you noticed ever since the Evangelicals were given considerable credit for re-electing President Bush that within days Hillary Clinton was quoting scripture? I, for one, am not fooled by her intentions. Even Satan knows scripture. Remember when Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness? He quoted scripture. His intentions were that Jesus would bow down and serve him. Satan didn't care about people, he cared about power. And so does Hillary.
While Democrats may convince themselves to accept anti-abortion and other conservative positions, this does not mean they will have a change of heart concerning these issues. It simply means they will say whatever is necessary to garner the conservative vote. But what happens once they are in power? Their voting records have proven and, in all likelihood, will continue to prove otherwise.
It does not take the wisdom of Solomon for Americans to truly discern a politician's intentions. But we are going to need this discernment by the time the next election rolls around. It is the opinion of many that the Democratic Party is destroying the moral fiber of our nation. I was given the privilege of helping out at the Republican headquarters in Trumbull County this past fall. I was amazed at the number of life-long Democrats who came in completely disgusted with their own party and its choice of a candidate. If you are a God-fearing American whose values are conservative, you do not need to continue to support a party whose values have been in decline for decades. According to an article in last Sunday's Vindicator, the Democratic Party feels it must "bond emotionally with middle America." I, for one, have no desire to "bond emotionally" with a party that is attempting to trick me into voting for them.
Whether the Democrats like it or not, despite the tragedy of 9/11, things are improving. Our economy is on the uprise, President Bush's tenacity concerning Iraq having free elections was an enormous success and more and more people are going back to work. But despite this steady upswing the Democrats continue to be obstructionists concerning every single issue before them. I pray the Democratic party goes the way of Tom Daschle and that America more and more votes into office representatives who are more interested in people than in power.
Republicans have become unbelievably self-centered
I see that members of the Republican Party have finally decided to show their true colors. I was appalled at the CNN broadcast of Republicans chanting & quot;Hey hey, ho ho, Social Security has got to go. & quot;
It is absolutely amazing how self-centered this group has become. I've talked to many Republicans who say that they want private accounts because "it's my money, I want to do what I want with it." Of course, they have no answer for the question about how you would pay current retirees THEIR money if money were put into private accounts.
Obviously, looking out for the good of everyone takes a back seat to looking out for your own selfish interests. Well, keep in mind lawmakers: I vote. So do millions of others who disagree with this totally self centered act that WILL ultimately hurt this country.
Politicians note: Taxpayers don't live beyond means
I drive a 19-year-old economy car. My wife and I live in a 30-year-old, three-bedroom Ryan home. Until I became 65 years old, neither of us had health insurance. Last year we reduced our work week to 44 hours.
Now, I don't consider this lifestyle to be luxurious, but evidently our county commissioners and/or township trustees do. Both of them are asking if I want to pay more taxes. I and other people like me took the time to cast our votes assuring them that we did not. However, the local governments are considering imposing new taxes which will take my money, that I use to maintain my lifestyle, and put it in their pockets.
Now we know that Washington and Columbus are out of control with taxation, but our local politicians are close enough to home that we should expect some responsibility from them. They are our neighbors. Yet they are the ones preparing to take my money to support their lifestyle.
Local governments, I'll tell you what. Just inform me by letter why my lifestyle is so extravagant and by what dollar amount. I will burn that amount of money in my fireplace and that will do more good than it would if it were paid in taxes.
Howland Township
Libertarian philosophy: in government, less is more
I have an idea how our counties (Mahoning and Trumbull) can be run better and cheaper.
Politically, I am a libertarian. Libertarians advocate the only function of all governments is to protect lives and property.
Look at the phenomenal mess all levels of government are in by trying to be all things to all people. The federal government has record deficits, the state government is going broke, and our county and local governments are having tremendous financial hardships.
I'd like to suggest we in Trumbull and Mahoning counties have a non-binding plebiscite to find out if there is interest in having only one government body for both of the counties. By having only one governing body it should be more efficient and cheaper to run. By limiting the scope of government to protect lives and property it would be possible to eliminate tons of high paid, great benefits, wonderful retirement, numerous paid holidays and great security public employees, which is where most of our tax money goes.
I thing we the taxpayers will all be better off with less government and more money in our pockets.
Mineral Ridge