Although Kevin Buchanan and Bianca asked the judge to award Babe custody of James, the jurist ruled in favor of J.R., while granting Babe supervised visitation. Krystal was arrested. Following a loving going-away party, Bianca headed to Paris, joined at the last minute by Maggie. While Zach told Maria of his intent to have Alex Sr.'s will overturned to save Ethan from himself, Ethan offered to help Edmund in his quest to destroy Zach. Meanwhile, Edmund fantasized about ruining Zach and tossing out Maria. Zach then announced his plan to claim the Cambias fortune in order to take it away from Ethan, setting the battle between them in motion. Lily's crush on Aidan led to heartbreak.
After bursting in on the sight of Lily attacking Julia and wishing her dead, Holden was ready to proceed with the divorce and intended to have Julia get a restraining order. Carly and Lily hired a private eye who told them there's a warrant out for Julia's arrest on drug charges. James demanded that Rosanna leave Oakdale forever in order to get Caleb, as she later realized in horror that James intends to marry her as soon as her divorce from Paul is final. Katie thought she was ready to become intimate with Henry, but tearfully realized she couldn't do it. Alison agreed to help Celia remain in Oakdale.
When Amber showed Ridge the photograph from the mineshaft and attempted to present it to Brooke, Ridge retaliated by threatening to call the police on her for causing them to get trapped. Ridge then told Brooke about what Amber did, and showed her the photograph himself. Deacon devised a plan to break up with Jackie for her own good, and blamed her for his relapse. Nick and Bridget later found evidence that Deacon entered a rehab program. However, the knowledge of Massimo's role in Deacon's return to alcohol was unforgivable for Bridget.
Hopeful when Lucas said he still loves her, Sami pleaded with him to go through with the wedding, but he found it tough to deal with Sami's betrayal of him with Brandon. Mimi said yes to Rex's marriage proposal, trying to allay her fears about her medical condition. Belle tried telling Philip about her and Shawn, but couldn't break his heart on his birthday. Philip prepared to head off on a dangerous mission. After Hope found Bo and Billie in one too many compromising situations under her roof, she demanded that Billie get out. At the clinic, Nicole ran into Nancy, who prevented her from discovering Chloe. Brady learned that Nancy is in town and headed for the clinic.
On the witness stand, Lizzie finally confessed, but it wasn't to killing Phillip. Instead, she admitted to killing Carl years ago to protect her mother, and the lab report on the glass backed her story. Gus stood up to Alan's threat to get him disbarred and vigorously questioned him, but a tearful Harley later told Gus that she had a memory flash and knows she killed Phillip. Out of patience that Reva didn't tell Cassie about Edmund starting the fire in the barn, Jonathan tracked down Cassie at a fertility clinic and was ready to reveal everything. Olivia found out that it was Sebastian who bailed Alan out of jail.
Sonny blamed himself when he found out Michael and Morgan had also been kidnapped. The children were shown to be captives of Faith in a house surrounded by swamp in Louisiana. When Faith visited Justus in the hospital after he was shot making the ransom drop, he betrayed her, leading to Sonny capturing Faith in the hospital stairwell. Meanwhile, Michael escaped from captivity as Jason and Sam tried to locate the children. Unable to let Nikolas touch her, a despairing Emily asked him for a divorce. Lucky breathed on his own after Luke stopped life support. Emily and Lucky comforted each other. Rachel explained her past with Steven after Courtney reached the breaking point with her.
Kevin found Todd, who was struggling to stay alive. Todd accidentally revealed his secret to Kevin. Still stuck in the trunk, Blair desperately attempted to attract notice before the car was sent to the junkyard as scrap. Kelly later got a lead on Blair's location. John remained tormented by his knowledge that Cristian is not an imposter. Meanwhile, Natalie fought sinking into depression. Angered when Daniel admitted he thinks Jen killed Paul, Riley then discovered a note that named Jen as the person who paid Rex to hide the gun. While Riley wanted answers from Jen and Rex, Bo found a clue in Paul's murder case.
The Crane jet took off with Gwen, the baby and Katherine on board. Alistair vowed that no one would ever see Katherine again, but later claimed ignorance about the plane's destination. Later, as family members waited for news about the aircraft, Sam arrived with information. Sheridan lashed out at Luis for making her mother leave. Beth's plan to kill Sheridan with sleeping pills backfired when Precious switched the teacups. Chad revealed to a crushed Valerie that he still wants Whitney. Whitney was stunned when Chad professed his love to her. Jessica and Paloma went with an older man to an underground club, unaware of his sleazy plan.
Katherine, initially furious over Jack's move in acquiring Jabot, permitted the deal to go ahead only if Jill will never hold an executive position at Jabot. A guilt-ridden Jack made plans to break the news to Jill. When Ashley returned from her business trip and learned the news, she labeled Jack as the traitor. Meanwhile, Gloria convinced Michael to search for a legal loophole so the Abbotts could keep their company. The letter containing the DNA test results found its way to a pile of Neil's get-well cards, which Lily was sorting through. Mac got upset with J.T. for telling Kevin that Mac only pities him.
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