hBird flu strategy

hBird flu strategy
HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam -- Health and animal experts said Thursday any long-term strategy for controlling bird flu must address the role of ducks and other waterfowl as major culprits in the spread of the deadly virus. A Vietnamese worker, above, was unloading chickens Thursday at a privately run slaughterhouse on the city's outskirts. At an international conference in Ho Chi Minh City this week, officials said extensive research since the first major outbreak last year has confirmed that wild birds, particularly ducks, are primary reservoirs for the H5N1 virus, since they can carry it without falling ill. "The fact that they accept ducks as a key player is a step forward," said Dr. Robert Webster, a virologist at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn., who has done extensive research on influenza viruses. "It's a very serious situation."
Martin: Canada won't joinmissile defense program
TORONTO -- Prime Minister Paul Martin said Thursday that Canada would not join the contentious U.S. missile defense program, a decision that will further strain brittle relations between the neighbors but please Canadians who fear it could lead to an international arms race. The Bush administration has tried to make a public show of understanding that Martin heads up a minority government that could fall over such a contentious debate. But after the announcement, U.S. Ambassador Paul Cellucci told reporters he was perplexed over Canada's decision, which he said effectively allows Washington to decide what to do if a missile was headed toward Canada.
Record list of nomineesfor Nobel Peace Prize
OSLO, Norway -- A record 199 individuals and groups were nominated for this year's Nobel Peace Prize and the secret list of nominees was believed to range from former Secretary of State Colin Powell to U2 singer Bono. The final count of nominees, released Thursday, included 163 individuals and 36 organizations, said Geir Lundestad, secretary of the Norwegian awards committee. The winner will be announced in mid-October.