Man charged with stealing police car while nude

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Police chased a naked man through the city's slushy streets early Monday after he allegedly stripped off his bathrobe, bit an officer, then stole a cruiser in an attempt to escape.
The man was captured after he smashed the cruiser into several parked cars, abandoned the vehicle and tried to get away in his bare feet.
The episode unfolded at around 1:30 a.m. when police were called to a block in North Philadelphia to investigate complaints about a person screaming in the street. Officers arriving on the scene said they found a man running about in his bathrobe in the freshly fallen snow.
The officers gave chase. The man shed his robe, then allegedly bit a female officer on the arm, climbed into her patrol car and hit the gas. He drove only a few blocks before crashing, police said.
Police did not immediately release the suspect's name. He faces charges including car theft and assault.