Funneling taxes to schools that fail levies is unfair

Funneling taxes to schools that fail levies is unfair
After reading some recent articles in The Vindicator, I have to take the time to write to express my opinion about the way taxes have been and are going to be distributed in the future.
The Mahoning County commissioners' decision to distribute the funding in the manner they have is not in the best interest of the people and I personally take offense to it.
They decided to cut the funding to the Mahoning County Jail and to deputies by almost 40 percent while they increased the funding for the Planning Commission by 9 percent and increased funding of Domestic Relations Court. I don't know about you, but this is a ploy in my opinion to conspire with the sheriff to scare and threaten the public by saying there isn't enough money to fund the jail, so we are going to have to let prisoners out early because of lack of funds and create a rallying point for imposing or getting the sales tax vote passed.
The other article that caught my eye was Gov. Taft's plan to "redistribute" the tax in the formula for school funding -- taking away from Boardman, Poland and Jackson-Milton, whose residents passed levies, and increasing the funding to Struthers and Youngstown, which haven't been able to pass a levy. This action will surely cause Boardman and Poland residents to see increases in their property taxes only to see it taken away by the state in redistribution.
I can't keep paying property tax on my home in Boardman just to fund schools in Youngstown and Struthers. This is even more unfair than the governor's inaction on Supreme Court's ruling that school funding in the state is unconstitutional.
The next school levies that come on any ballot in this area will surely be defeated if the public understands that this is how the property tax money will be distributed and spent.
Let's have some accountability in government rather than the Valley's status quo of old.
Road rage has consequences
This letter is a plea to all those who can't control their road rage on the highway.
On Jan. 15, around 7:30 p.m., two young boys, one of whom was my son and the other his friend, were entering 680 via the Belle Vista ramp. At this time they encountered a person who apparently had no control over his rage or confidence to respond as a responsible driver. This out of control driver exercised his power by bumping my son's car from the rear trying to get him to move over and give him the highway. As my son sped up to get away from this maniac, the driver of the Sedan DeVille again hit him in the rear, rendering him out of control. This ignorant impatient man sent my son and car into the cement wall, the car then rolled over five times, landed on its roof and slid over 100 feet.
The assailant had accomplished what he set out to do. Where did he go? Why did he leave the scene? Isn't he even curious to know if he is responsible for ruining two young lives. Road rage is a short term thing but a life-long tragedy; for those involved it's forever.
If you feel road rage coming on while thinking you are in charge of the highway, please think first of all the consequences.
Support Struthers schools
The Struthers Board of Education will be asking its residents to pass an $8 million levy. My vote will be "yes." That's a "no-brainer."
Depriving our children and pointing fingers isn't the answer. The decrease in funding to our public schools has caused our financial difficulty. I'd by hardpressed to believe a cell phone bill or two salaries caused our demise. That just doesn't make sense.
As a homeowner, you must think of the ramifications of a state run school. To my understanding, taxpayers have little or no say in your district's decisions. Selling your home will be difficult, values decline, and with the loss of young families, well it would be devastating to our small community.
It's frightening that there is such animosity in a town where I was raised. Personal agendas, vendettas and ugliness abound. I choose to be part of a solution. I will vote yes.