WHAT'S ON TV worth watching

The interesting twists and turns just keep on coming on "Desperate Housewives." Susan (Teri Hatcher) is looking forward to a romantic date with Mike, until she learns a surprising fact about Wisteria Lane's favorite plumber. Meanwhile, Lynette's (Felicity Huffman) precocious kids are accused by a neighbor of thievery. 9 p.m., ABC.
Seems that the prestigious Westminster Dog Show is becoming a bit more inclusive. Three breeds -- Black Russian terrier, Neapolitan mastiff and Glen of Imaal terrier -- are being allowed to compete for the first time in the 129th edition of the canine competition held at New York's Madison Square Garden. 8 p.m., USA.
The "American Experience" documentary series offers a program that seems entirely appropriate for Valentine's Day: "Kinsey" profiles Alfred Kinsey, the scientist who was credited with "breaking through the silence about human sexuality" that existed in this country before his thorough research on the subject was published in 1948 and '53. Kinsey is also the subject of a recent feature film. 10 p.m., PBS.
Viewers recovering from a bad Valentine's Day experience might want to check out the "Dr. Phil Primetime Special: Romance Rescue." It's a program in which the big guy offers advice to the romantically challenged. Flowers and chocolates not included. 8 p.m., CBS.
Our fixation with "Lost" continues with an episode that has Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and Kate (Evangeline Lilly) bonding as they hunt down a "renegade" boar Sawyer is convinced is harassing him. While some fans of the show are busy trying to unlock the mystery of the island, others are more interested in finding out if these two will ever hook up. 8 p.m., ABC.
Guest-star alert: Cynthia Nixon, the "Sex and the City" star, drops in on "ER" tonight. She plays a soccer mom who is unable to communicate after suffering a stroke. 10 p.m., NBC.
"Hope & amp; Faith" welcomes guest-star Wynonna Judd. The country singer plays a spoiled, wealthy wife who trades families with Hope (Faith Ford) on the reality series "Wife Swap." Yes, it's a blatant example of one ABC show providing a promotional tie-in to another. 9 p.m., ABC.
"Sucker Free City," a new film from director Spike Lee, focuses on the "seductive, dangerous world and life choices" of young people caught up in the gang culture of San Francisco. The ensemble cast includes Ben Crowley, Ken Leung and Anthony Mackie. 8 p.m., Showtime.