After meeting a woman from Jonathan's past who also suffered from his abuse, Maggie told Jonathan that they're through. Jonathan believed Bianca was somehow responsible for this and cornered her. When Babe came to help, both women faced danger. Zach realized that Bobby targeted him as Ryan's shooter when he spoke to Edmund, and tried to convince Maria that Edmund paid Bobby to say so. Ryan was stunned to learn that Chris Stamp is not his father and that he is all Lavery. After Zach remembered a bitter episode with his father, he went to a bar where he attacked Ryan. Babe turned down Kevin's offer to be a part of Ace's life in return for giving him custody. Later, J.R. gave Kevin the DNA test results.
Rosanna's pleas convinced Barbara not to accept the deal. As Emily prepared to perjure herself to get Barbara convicted, Rosanna obtained the susceptibility drug and used it on Emily to make her believe that Rosanna had drugged her. Lily and Carly orchestrated a set-up to make Holden catch Julia with Keith, only to learn that Keith is Julia's brother. However, news of Julia's involvement with other women's husbands alarmed Keith. Rafi was surprised by the arrival of his sister Celia, but realized he must get her back to Montega with the INS watching him. Katie experienced an emotional overload realizing how much Henry loves her.
Amber set a trap for Bridget, resulting in Bridget falling into an old mineshaft. When Ridge also toppled in, lured by Amber's scheme, Amber waited for her hidden camera to catch them in a kiss. Hours later, Bridget fell victim to hypothermia and Ridge, fearing she was dying, gave her a goodbye kiss. Meanwhile, a guilt-ridden Amber decided to tip the rangers to her captives' location. Deacon showed up at a meeting for Jackie M and lashed out at Massimo, who challenged Deacon to prove he's worthy of Jackie. Nick wasn't pleased to learn of Massimo's role in Deacon's falling off the wagon.
As Sami and Lucas' wedding day approached, Kate tried convincing Lucas that his bride-to-be was secretly seeing Brandon. Haunted by the spirit of her baby, Mimi was later found unconscious. Chloe recuperated from her surgery, unaware that Nicole and Brady were at the clinic doing charitable work. Brady confronted John and urged him to go into rehab. Belle wrote an e-mail to Philip containing the truth but hesitated to send it. Abby and Chelsea snuck into the Cheatin' Heart using fake IDs. As Jennifer pined for Jack, on the freighter he received a radio signal from a Salem station.
Courtney argued with A.J. and later wished him dead. When A.J. was found murdered, Courtney was accused of killing him. Avowing her innocence, Courtney later found out who killed A.J. As Kristina remained missing, Reese grilled Sonny to use what he knows to track down the abductor. Faith later dropped a clue to Kristina's whereabouts and sent a photo and instructions to Sonny. Diego and Brook Lynn were determined to see each other despite their parents forbidding further contact. Luke asked Justus to get him legal authority to let Lucky die if Luke believes it would be for the best.
Jonathan unbent enough to give Cassie the video proving they were never intimate. Cassie destroyed the tape but lied to Edmund about what was on it. When Jonathan realized that Edmund is out to get him, he intended to learn the secret about the barn fire. Meanwhile, Cassie confronted Dinah about what she knows and a catfight ensued. Harley admitted testing Danny, who had refused to fix the jury. Helping Gus with his investigation, Coop found a bloody piece of glass among Lizzie's things. Holly finally told Blake about her obsession with Sebastian. Jeffrey had Alan arrested for threatening him about prosecuting Harley.
Cristian stated the shocking news that he is an imposter but has no idea who he really is. Cristian was then charged with Tico's murder and received a life sentence. When Cristian's DNA test came back, the results were unexpected, leading Cristian to make a noble decision. John was torn about whether to keep a secret from Natalie. Marcie was seriously injured when Margaret hit her with her car and fled with Blair as her captive. Margaret locked Blair in the car trunk and abandoned the vehicle, as Todd realized he has to do what Margaret says. Jessica's stalker sent her another note.
When Sheridan claimed to have proof that Marty is her son, a panicked Beth resolved to kill her. Fox and Chad were appalled to overhear Whitney express hatred for her unborn child. Whitney's remarks led Fox to doubt that he is the baby's father. Eve finally told Julian that Whitney is pregnant by Chad. Meanwhile, Whitney was about to tell Chad the truth but saw him and Valerie making love. Eve was horrified when Whitney later admitted that she still loves Chad. Katherine was determined to leave Harmony to help Martin bond with his family, and asked Alistair to help her disappear for good.
The Winters found Devon at the zoo, where he had accidentally become trapped in the lion's cage. Malcolm was able to calm the animal in order for Devon to be rescued. Later, Lily's car skidded on ice and hit Neil, whose condition turned grave. Neil made Malcolm promise to look after his family if he doesn't make it. Brittany blurted out to Bobby that she's pregnant. As he embraced her, both showed their uncertainty over having a baby. Sharon was furious at Nick for secretly paying her salary but understood that he did it for her. Sharon later defied Victor by declaring that she's going back to work at Newman's. Kevin may have read too much into Mac's befriending him.
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