Answers to weekly quiz:
Q. Both vulnerable, as South you hold:
x -A 10 5 u -9 7 v -6 3 w -A K Q J 7 4
Your right-hand opponent opens one no trump. What action do you take?
A. These days, this is the hand with which you double one no trump. You expect to defeat that contract and, depending on how the bidding develops, you probably will have a chance to bid your suit later should you so desire.
Q. Both vulnerable, you hold:
x -A J 5 u -K J 5 v -A J 5 w -Q 10 6 4
Your right-hand opponent opens one no trump. What action do you take?
A. This is a corollary to the previous problem. In days gone by, you doubled to show a one no trump opening bid. However, you have no good lead. Any suit you attack might help declarer rather than hurt. All too often, declarer would wrap up the contract, sometimes with an overtrick or two. Pass.
Q. East-West vulnerable, as South you hold:
x -K u -8 7 5 3 v -K J 10 9 8 5 2 w -5
The bidding has proceeded:
1x 3w* ?
What action do you take?
A. Those who play negative doubles love to trot out their favorite weapon. However, even should partner bid hearts in response, that might not be the best spot. And if partner rebids spades, as is more likely, what do you intend doing then? We prefer a simple three-diamond overcall. The real problem could come on the next round, depending on partner's response.
Q. As South, vulnerable, you hold:
x -J 10 4 u -Q 10 8 v -7 6 4 w -A Q 10 5
The bidding has proceeded:
Pass Pass 1v Dbl
1x ?
What action do you take?
A. With this balanced hand, we would like to bid one no trump -- the lack of a spade stopper does not bother us (partner surely holds one), but no diamond stopper does. All you can do is bid two clubs. The hand is a might weak for a jump to three clubs. Since you are bidding freely in an auction where partner has shown the major suits, you must have fair values.
Q. Neither vulnerable, as South you hold:
x -2 u -K Q 10 5 v -K Q 4 3 w -J 10 7 2
The bidding has proceeded:
Pass 1x Pass 2x
What do you bid now?
A. As a passed hand, you have the perfect shape and strength for a double of 2S on this auction. We cannot think of a reason for not taking that action.
Q. Not vulnerable, you hold:
x -K 7 u -9 6 5 v -A 10 5 w -K 9 8 6 3
Partner opens the bidding with one heart. What do you respond?
A. You have the values for a limit raise, but lack a fourth trump. Prepare to make a delayed limit raise by whatever means you have at your disposal, be it a forcing no trump with a bid of three hearts next to show three-card support, or a bid of two clubs, to be followed by bidding hearts as cheaply as possible at your next turn.
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