Ryan's timely arrival stopped Jonathan, who later admitted that he wanted to scare Bianca. Maggie and Bianca began to rebuild their friendship, leading Bianca to make a surprising announcement. Jamie suggested to J.R. that J.R. and Babe petition for joint custody of James to stop Kevin Buchanan from winning. During the custody hearing, Babe made a confession and Kelly Buchanan, determined to help Babe, shocked the courtroom with her statement. After Zach accused Maria of not being able to accept the fact that Edmund lied to her, Maria and Zach kissed passionately.
Although torn up on the inside, Mike did nothing to stop the wedding as Katie and Henry tied the knot. All charges were dropped against Barbara after Emily made it clear that Barbara didn't drug her. Emily later admitted that she believes Rosanna did it. During a heated argument with Carly, Keith slipped and mentioned Julia's troubles in El Paso. Aaron and Alison finally made love. However, a distraught Will poured out his heart to Alison about the issues with his mother, then spontaneously kissed her. Dusty and Sierra closed a business deal by pretending they were married.
As Amber phoned in an anonymous tip to report Ridge and Bridget's location, Nick found them, rescuing Bridget just in time. Clarke retrieved the hidden camera from the mineshaft as Bridget and Nick shared a passionate kiss in the hospital. Amber walked in, as Thomas and Caitlin were embracing and intended to get her revenge using the photograph of Ridge and Bridget kissing. As Deacon's drinking escalated, he lied to Jackie. Encouraged by Nick to leave Deacon, Jackie admitted that she misses Massimo, but said that Deacon needs her right now and Massimo had no intention of being Jackie's second choice.
Lucas called off the wedding after finding Sami and Brandon in bed together. A devastated Sami booked a flight to London, convinced, along with Brandon, that Kate set them up. After receiving very bad news at the hospital, Mimi wanted to share the truth with Rex but couldn't bring herself to do it. Meanwhile, Jan continued to make veiled threats to Mimi and Rex as she tried to win back Shawn. As Shawn pressed Belle to tell Philip the truth about them, Philip volunteered for a dangerous mission, hoping it will get him home sooner. Bo comforted Billie, who feared losing her job with the ISA, and Hope walked in on them.
Alexis shared news of her pregnancy with an elated Ric, but found out she needs to avoid stress to keep the baby safe. Realizing that the kidnapper has a personal vendetta against him, Sonny later got proof that Faith abducted Kristina, and turned to Justus for help, but his plan didn't go smoothly. Rachel claimed to have killed A.J. as a favor to Courtney and demanded that Courtney kill Steven in return. When Rachel showed how easily she could frame Courtney for the crime, Courtney had to let Rachel move in with her. Luke fumed to learn that Skye got a restraining order to keep him away from Lucky, and disguised himself as a cop to enter Lucky's room. Coming: Carly tries to help Sonny as the ordeal continue.
Todd had sex with Margaret in order to save Blair's life. Still pulling the strings, Margaret learned whether or not she's pregnant and lied to Blair. Just as Michael professed his love to Marcie, she opened her eyes for the first time since her accident. Marcie fired Hayes after Rex told the police that Michael never assaulted Hayes. Kelly took drastic action to help Babe Chandler keep James/Ace. Cristian started to serve his prison term; confident he made the right decision regarding Natalie. R.J. warned Antonio he intends to pursue full custody of Jamie. Dorian schemed to get Viki in hot water.
Lizzie began to recall memories of what she had done on the fateful night, and then learned that Coop had betrayed her by DNA testing the glass shard. Just as Coop realized that Lizzie canceled the DNA test, she was called to testify and Gus accused her of murdering her father. After Dinah blurted to Edmund that she saw Jonathan go into Cassie's room the night before the wedding, Cassie told Edmund the truth. Edmund appeared forgiving but concealed his true nature. Jonathan reacted to Edmund's apology by telling Reva that Edmund set the fire that nearly killed Cassie and R.J. Sebastian surprised Holly by stating that he's cured and is ready to start a new life in Springfield. Coming: Will Lizzie's testimony take Harley off the hook?
As Beth tried to figure out the best way to kill her rival, Sheridan assured Luis that she knows Marty isn't her son, but privately, she was convinced that he is her child. Ethan sent the police to the Crane cabin to search for Gwen and baby Jane, even as Rebecca -- who had found Gwen at the cabin -- arranged for the Crane jet to get Gwen and the baby out of town. Katherine kept her plans to leave Harmony a secret as she spent a last romantic time with Martin. Whitney, still not having revealed the truth to Fox, became ill, while Julian and Eve worried about the baby having possible birth defects.
Although deeply hurt when Mac canceled their plans and then went out with J.T., Kevin visited his therapist and tried to control himself. Meanwhile, J.T. kissed Mac as they relived their night out. Just as Victor assured Gloria that he wants to fix Jabot to give it back to the Abbotts, Nick arranged for Newman Enterprises to take over Jabot's debt. A horrified Victor instead arranged to buy the loans himself, while Jack, having riled up the stockholders, asked them to vote on whether Chancellor Industries can buy Jabot's shares. Phyllis posed as a doctor and signed for the DNA test results that will confirm Lily's paternity.
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