Washing comforters
Snuggle up under a clean comforter with these laundering tips from the Soap and Detergent Association:
Check the care instructions for any special requirements for the comforter.
Pretreat heavily soiled areas with a prewash soil and stain remover.
Set the clothes washer to a high water level, delicate agitation and normal spin. Add detergent, fill the washer partway with warm water and then stop the washer.
Put the comforter into the washer, and squish it down to submerge it.
Turn the washer back on, continue filling with water and complete the wash cycle. Check occasionally to be sure the comforter is still submerged.
Tumble dry. Toss a few dry, clean towels into the dryer along with the comforter to prevent clumping. Rearrange the comforter periodically so it dries evenly.
Launder monthly or more often if someone is severely allergic to dust mites.
Source: Knight Ridder Newspapers