BICENTENNIAL Boardman gets set to celebrate

Bicentennial Rock will mark the site of Boardman's planned time capsule.
BOARDMAN -- The township's 200th birthday celebration begins next Sunday at the Performing Arts Center, with performances beginning at 3 p.m. by student groups and displays by student artists.
"I think it's a perfect kickoff for our bicentennial," said Trustee Elaine Mancini, co-chairwoman of the Bicentennial Committee.
The township was established in 1805, named after Elijah Boardman, a Connecticut native who bought land and settled in what was then known as the Connecticut Western Reserve.
Dan Slagle Jr., committee co-chairman, said the group is compiling items to enclose in a time capsule that will be buried in the township park Nov. 12.
"It has to be something historical in nature and very significant," said Slagle, who also is park director.
Mancini joked that with changing technology, items included this year may be unrecognizable to township residents of the future.
'Big Day' is July 3
No date has been established for when the capsule will be dug up and unsealed. Its location will be marked with the Bicentennial Rock, which will travel to the school buildings and township offices where students and workers may decorate it.
"It will be painted to reflect their impressions of the bicentennial," Slagle said.
That starts in April at Market Street Elementary. At each stop, the group will cover the previous group's reflections with their own.
Forms for suggestions of items to include in the time capsule will be available at
The Bicentennial Committee includes representatives of township government, schools and the general public. It grew from the founder's day celebration in 1998.
The committee is raising funds for the activities. No township money is being used.
On April 3, the Bicentennial Rock will be unveiled at a dedication ceremony at the township government center followed by a dinner at Antone's Banquet Center.
July 3 has been dubbed the "Big Day" in the celebration with a daylong community picnic expected to include music, games, food and fireworks.
Flags for sale
Committee members want businesses and individuals to display the bicentennial flag throughout the year. Flags measuring 2 feet by 3 feet may be purchased for $20 at the township government center, Market Street, or at the park on Boardman-Poland Road.
The flags double as a fund-raiser and a way to raise awareness of the 200th anniversary, Slagle said.
Updates on activities throughout the year will be available on the Web site.
"It should be a lot of fun," Mancini said.