New complaints
James Walton vs. Fred Looman, personal injury.
Retail Recovery Service vs. Diane Sellers, money.
Dylan Homes vs. Jason Mathus, money.
Michael Davie vs. Allstate Insurance, money.
Ohio Edison vs. Cherokee Clearing, money.
Pipelines Inc. vs. J.D. Martin Construction, money.
Parts for Public vs. D.D. French Co., money.
Divorces Asked
Brenda Palmer vs. Mark Palmer.
Dusty Boley vs. Christina Boley.
Frank Conci vs. Amy Conci.
Frank Linkous vs. Tammy Linkous.
Divorces Granted
Barbara Joy vs. Donald Joy.
Dissolutions Asked
Terry McElroy vs. Joni McElroy.
Dissolutions Granted
Connie Ganslein and Shawn Ganslein.
Docket entries
Bank One vs. Lucinda Griffin, judgment for plaintiff in the sum of $9,705.
U.S. Food vs. Lock 24, judgment for plaintiff in the sum of $24,031.
Chase Manhattan vs. Steven Brook, judgment for plaintiff in the sum of $124,024.
Marriage licenses
David M. Kennedy, 41, of 4824 Canfield Road, Canfield, and Kathleen M. Dillon, 44, same address.
John R. Graham, 21, of 5125 Willowcrest Drive, Austintown, and Shauna M. Surig, 20, same address.
Robert J. Carr, 40, of 5191 Oakcrest Drive, Austintown, and Shannon D. Wileman, 31, same address.
Christopher R.S. Rainey, 25, of 3003 Southern Blvd., Youngstown, and Tameesha M. Mills, 25, same address.
Charles G. Ratliff, 43, of 203 Chatham Lane, Youngstown, and Lolita L. Hardaway, 35, of 120 Gladstone St., Campbell.
Real estate transfers
Kathleen Glsuics to Ted Hart et al, Columbiana, $34,000.
Albert L. LaClair to Betty Taylor et al, Youngstown, $10,000.
Evelyn C. Haun to John M. Wyant, Youngstown, $69,900.
Jeffrey S. Feorene et al to Brian Long et al, Austintown Twp., $67,500.
U.S. Bank to SNK Enterprises Inc., Alliance, $18,500.
Kathleen Mattocci et al to Mark E. Moody II, Boardman Twp., $85,000.
Charles J. Aracich et al to David J. Wolfe et al, Poland Twp., $242,000.
Steel Forming, Inc. to Parker-Hannifin Corporation, Youngstown, $750,000.
Gerald D. Rickard to Paul Gay, Austintown Twp., $132,900.
Cornell Kennedy Sr. et al to Larry Gino, Youngstown, $28,000.
Oxford Enterprises to Nicholas Phillips et al, Youngstown, $175,000.
John Straniak to Theodore A. Ostavitz, Youngstown, $67,000.
Benjamin O. Gomez to Gwendolyn T. Kennard, Youngstown, $56,000.
Frank L. Kaudo to Monica R. Foster et al, Austintown Twp., $80,000.
Delmar Trust to Jean Pierre Lachapalle, Campbell, $11,200.
Michael T. Frye to Jonathan P. Marafiote, Youngstown, $32,000.
UDE of TimberRidge Clingan Ltd. Partnership to Margaret W. Vrolken, Struthers, $162,000.
Household Realty Corp to James W. Halowell, Youngstown, $56,500.
Nga T. Vole to David T. Lutz, Boardman Twp., $114,000.
Ronald E. Cianciola, Trustee to C. David Calhoun et al, Jackson Twp., $350,000.
Ruth Jane Guerrier Revocable Trust to John Guerrier, Boardman Twp., $90,000.
Lois Beyers to Thomas Close et al, Youngstown, $46,000.
Marshall Williams to Shawn Evans et al, Youngstown, $5,000.
Corine Taylor to Marshall Williams and Andria Miller, Youngstown, $3,000.
Marshall Williams et al to Shawn Evans et al, Youngstown, $1,500.
Tome Shaw to Community Cork Association, Youngstown, $2,000.
JAB Investments Inc. to Mark Munoz et al, Youngstown, $13,900.
First Place Bank to Damon Petrich, Boardman Twp., $45,000.
Angelilli Builders Inc. to Clarence Kohut et al, Springfield, $193,413.
Brant Zemelka et al to Amanda DeSantis, Canfield, $139,000.
Donna Zidian to Justin Fain and Andrea Szekel, Boardman Twp., $180,000.
Mill Creek Homes LTD. to Geraldine Castor, Austintown Twp., $178,987.
Steven Zolla to Jennifer Dill et al, New Middletown, $134,900.
Premier Development LTD et al to Sharpe Builders Inc., Poland Twp., $34,000.
Jason Ramsdale to Colleen Kennedy, Boardman Twp., $88,500.
Evelyn Queen to James Espinoza et al, Struthers, $65,000.
Gary Jeffco to Bernie Belfrage, Youngstown, $51,500.
Geraldine Menosky to Virginia Crooks, Campbell, $2,000.
Steve DiTommaso to Donavito Ltd., Struthers, $105,000.
Randy Walter DBA RDW Company to Joshua Ayers, Canfield, $173,149.