CHILDREN'S ENTERTAINMENT Crayola licenses Cleveland area couple's baking kit

The kits allow children to make goodies in colorful Crayola hues.
CLEVELAND (AP) -- Youngsters who like to color with hot magenta and midnight blue crayons now can make brightly decorated candy and brownies using a children's cooking kit licensed by Crayola.
The idea for the Crayola Crafty Cooking Kits, which contain goodies like brownie mix, neon-green frosting and multicolored candies shaped like dinosaurs, was developed by Andrea and Jimmy Zeilinger of nearby Shaker Heights.
The kits, which go on sale this week for $4.99, include mixes for brownies, cookies, crispy rice treats, doughnuts, pretzels and s'mores.
The Zeilingers started their Beachwood business in June, and the cooking kits are their first product.
"It was a combination of Andrea's love of cooking and my love of arts and crafts," Jimmy Zeilinger said. Their daughters, Sienna, 11, and Amanda, 7, also helped.
"Our kits are designed the way we play with our kids," Andrea Zeilinger said. "There are no cookie cutters, no patterns involved. You make your cookies the way you imagine them in your head."
What is included
The kits contain everything needed to make and decorate cookies, brownies and other treats, including directions for kids and adults.
Focus groups of parents and kids helped the Zeilingers pick the decorations for each kit, clarify baking directions and design the boxes.
After developing the idea for the kits, the Zeilingers looked for a partner. "Our first choice was Crayola," Jimmy Zeilinger said.
Binney & amp; Smith Inc. of Easton, Pa., which has made Crayola crayons since 1903, quickly embraced the idea.