Canfield plans sewer projects

CANFIELD -- Two projects planned in the city would help alleviate problems caused by storm water.
The northeast storm water management project would cost about $500,000. The city has applied for a $345,000 state grant to help pay the cost.
Charles Tieche, city manager, said the storm water management project targets the area between Hilltop Boulevard and Callahan Road.
"When we have heavy storms, the storm sewer [in that area] fills up and ... the surface water remains in yards and gets into some basements," Tieche said,
The project would replace the existing 48-inch circular storm sewer pipe, originally installed in the 1950s, with a pipe that's 3-feet high and 8-feet wide.
"The idea is to provide more capacity and to give the water some place to go," the city manager said.
He acknowledged that the project might not eliminate all of the problems that occur during really heavy rains.
The city also wants to do a safety upgrade of South Broad Street with a $966,500 price tag. The city is seeking a $666,500 state grant to help pay for it.
That project involves widening South Broad Street and installing curb and storm sewers along the street.
Tieche said that project would help prevent the collection of surface water on the road and in yards on High, Oak and Cross streets.
A similar project along East and West Main streets was completed in 2003 and 2004.