hA WWII anniversary

hA WWII anniversary
DRESDEN, Germany -- Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder warned Germans not to forget their Nazi past Sunday as far-right supporters, including one above, rallied in Dresden on Sunday to protest a devastating Allied bombing in World War II that killed an estimated 35,000 residents 60 years ago. Schroeder said the anniversary was an occasion for people everywhere to unite against the "inhumanity of war." But the rally -- and fears of street clashes -- cast a shadow over a day of remembrance and reflection on the U.S.-British air raids, which set off firestorms and destroyed the centuries-old city center. The chancellor vowed to fight neo-Nazis attempts to blur the historical context of the Feb. 13-14, 1945, attack -- part of a war started by Germany during which Adolf Hitler's regime killed 6 million Jews in the Holocaust.
4 suspects in nun's killing
BELEM, Brazil -- Police searched Sunday for four people suspected in the slaying of a 74-year-old American nun -- the most prominent activist gunned down in the Amazon since the 1988 murder of Chico Mendes. Dorothy Stang, who spent decades fighting efforts by loggers and large landowners to expropriate lands and clear large areas of the Amazon rainforest, was shot dead early Saturday near Anapu, a rural town about 1,300 miles north of Sao Paulo.
Flight recorder retrieved
KABUL, Afghanistan -- NATO and Afghan troops retrieved the flight recorder from a crashed Afghan airliner Sunday, an Afghan official said, 10 days after the plane smashed into a mountain in a snowstorm killing all 104 people on board. The first clear weather in nearly a week allowed helicopters to ferry troops and investigators to the crash site, 10,000 feet up a snow-covered peak about 20 miles east of the capital, Kabul, officials said.
Toll hits 37 in Venezuela
EL VIGIA, Venezuela -- Rescue teams in helicopters searched Sunday for dozens of people missing in floods and landslides that cut a trail of destruction through small Andean towns and killed at least 37 people over the past few days. Rescue workers searching for victims began digging in what remained of Santa Cruz de Mora, where a swollen river tore through town Saturday smashing homes and submerging some busses in a terminal, Col. Eslain Longa Tirado said at the nearby El Vigia military air base.
hTogo appeals for calm
LOME, Togo -- Army-installed President Faure Gnassingbe brushed aside international condemnation of his rule Sunday and praised his police force's actions during riots that left at least three protesters dead, and opposition leaders asked for a day of calm so the country's faithful could attend church. Opposition leaders said the number of protesters killed in Saturday's demonstration had risen to seven. Government officials confirmed three dead. In the shattered streets where protesters and police clashed Friday and Saturday, residents heeded the call for calm, stepping over the smoldering ruins of the mayhem and attending church, including one young girl, above, where they heard the clergy appeal for justice and freedom.
Train and truck collisionkills man and 3 children
ROSELAND, La. -- An Amtrak passenger train slammed into a pickup truck Sunday in southeast Louisiana, killing a man and three children, police said. Chris Crowe, 31, was driving with his 6-year-old daughter, 8-year-old son and his fianc & eacute;'s 12-year-old daughter when the collision occurred in Roseland, about 40 miles northeast of Baton Rouge. Police Chief Tommy Cutrer said the truck was pushed down the tracks a couple hundred yards by the train, which was heading from New Orleans to Chicago. Crowe's fianc & eacute; was following in her vehicle and witnessed the collision.
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