PUBLIC WORKS $8M funds requested for area projects

Grants requested totaled more than $14 million.
AUSTINTOWN -- The District 6 Public Works Integrating Committee submitted requests for funding for $8 million in road, bridge, water and sewer projects across Mahoning and Trumbull counties.
That includes about $4.3 million for water, wastewater and storm sewer grants, $2.9 million for highway and bridge project grants and about $708,000 in loans for various projects.
Grants requested totaled more than $14 million, and requested loans totaled about $3.1 million.
The grant requests are slightly higher than the allocations for this year, but Joseph Warino, committee chairman and Mahoning County sanitary engineer, said the additional projects could be covered if those that scored higher come in below the cost estimate.
Those "on the bubble" projects rise to the top of next year's project list if the funding doesn't come through in 2005.
Committee members, made up of officials from communities in both counties, scored the submitted projects earlier this week based on regional impact.
The water and sewer projects submitted and grants requested are:
UHowland, Fairfield-Shaffer storm sewer improvement, $147,840.
UCanfield city, northeast storm water management project, phase 1, $345,000.
UMahoning Valley Sanitary District, Niles standpipe improvement project, $350,000.
UTrumbull County sanitary engineer, McKinley Heights phase 2 sanitary sewer improvements, $500,000.
UYoungstown, McGuffey Heights drainage improvement phase 3, $329,197.
UGirard, Liberty water improvements, $598,406.
UMahoning County sanitary engineer, Woodworth area east sanitary sewer improvements, $767,550.
UStruthers, wastewater treatment plant improvements, $270,618.
U Niles, Stevens Park watershed storm sewer improvements, $321,455.
UCoitsville, Torolo Drive/Bedford Road drainage upgrade, $48,762.
UTrumbull County Planning Commission, state Route 5-Ohio Turnpike sanitary sewer project, $150,000.
UWeathersfield, Oakview Drive storm water drainage upgrade, $41,655.
UBeloit, West Fifth Street storm sewer and sidewalk upgrade, $45,232.
UHowland, South Ray watershed improvement, phase 1, $77,000.
UGreen, Greenford storm water project, phase 1, $124,311.
Highway and bridge projects submitted for funding:
USouthington, Leiby Osborne Road upgrade, $67,300.
UBraceville, Jewel North Road safety upgrade, $89,500.
UWarren, West Market Street improvements, $472,590.
UVernon, Bradley Brownlee Road improvement project, $41,720.
UMahoning County engineer, county infrastructure program, 2005, $778,842.
UTrumbull County engineer, 2005 road improvement program, $900,000.
UHubbard city, West Liberty Street and North Main Street safety upgrade, $350,000.
UMilton, Scottcliff area roadway improvements phase 2, $49,635.
UOrangeville, Brockway Sharon Road improvement project, $29,295.
UBraceville, McConnell East Road safety upgrade, $35,000.
UNewton Township, Carson Salt Springs Road safety upgrade, $70,815.
UPoland Village, Sheridan Road extension project, $30,450.
UBrookfield, North State Line rehabilitation project, $73,275.
UCanfield city, South Broad Street safety upgrade, $666,500.
The $708,000 loan was recommended for a Champion water tank project submitted by the Trumbull County sanitary engineer. The total cost for that project is nearly $1.2 million.
Other projects approved for loans within the water and sewer allotment are the $307,271 Gypsy Lane waterline and sanitary line project in Youngstown and a sanitary sewer project at U.S. Route 224 and Route 45 in Ellsworth. That loan is for $611,360.