Kinchen has specialized training in infertility and treats both men and women. They often come to her after months or years of frustration, and thousands of dollars wasted on failed in-vitro fertilizations.
For a woman, she looks at their whole health and lifestyle history, and asks questions about their menstrual cycle. She has them chart their basal body temperature and make a graph for a month. She bases her treatments on the information gained. "Infertility is often caused by an irregular menstrual cycle, or body temperature that is too hot or cold, says Kinchen. "I also look at immune system deficiencies, and the HPO axis (hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian) chemical communication system. Acupuncture helps restore communication and regulate the cycle, resulting in potential for pregnancy." She also addresses stress and anxiety issues, poor eating habits, and use of alcohol.
For men, Kinchen would send them to a physician for a sperm analysis. She looks at sperm count, motility (how well they move), morphology (how well they are built), and viscosity (thickness of semen). "These conditions are treatable with herbs," she says. "I would also do acupuncture on the organs that relate to infertility, like the liver and kidneys."
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