Trumbull County isn't responding adequately to abandoned cat problem

Trumbull County isn't responding adequately to abandoned cat problem
What's wrong in Trumbull County? They've turned their backs on a huge problem. What to do with neglected, abused and abandoned cats. It's not fair to the good people that are responsible pet owners, nor to the animals that are being dumped, that there isn't a shelter or humane officer that will take them. I have had many abandoned kittens/cats left on my property and dumped on the road. Before I would provide shelter and food for them until the animal shelter could pick them up, or I would take them there. Now all I hear is no one has signed a contract so we won't take them.
I've contacted the courthouse, our "humane officer" even a trustee to find out who is responsible for these animals. I was told to call the dog warden. That is a state run dog pound and is not responsible for cats, and that is governed by the State of Ohio. Who exactly gets the paycheck to handle this problem and why aren't they being held accountable?
I keep getting told we are aware of the problem but once the cats are dumped on you they are your problem. Pretty much sorry about your luck. I've done my share, I have spayed and neutered all of my 12 cats and five dogs (all drop offs). They are vaccinated and well fed, a part of my chosen family. I volunteered my time and money to help them rescue these animals. Now what do I do with the drop offs? If I kill them or dump them in the middle of nowhere I'm just as bad as the idiots who put their responsibilities off on someone else. Isn't it more humane to put them down than expect them to survive in the wild on their own? They get run over, injured, eaten by another animal trying to survive or form packs that endanger our children when they play outside.
Trumbull County needs to appoint someone who can do the job. No more excuses. We can't afford to foot the bill for someone else not spaying or neutering, or just failing to take care of their animals. I'm personally fed up with the load of bull I keep getting, I budget for my animals, and I'm not keeping any more!
Please take a stand for the animals and the taxpayers, Call and complain.
New trash pick-up plan in McDonald raises questions
I think it is time to talk about the new trash system in McDonald. After receiving a new garbage can and a letter from our garbage carrier and reading the news release in the papers, I am sure many people have questions.
I think those people who paid $65 for an extra garbage can should be given their money back. If garbage pick-up is unlimited, then the carrier needs to work out a system to pick up the extra trash that does not fit in their containers.
I also think that the time for trash pick up should be 9:30 a.m the day of pick up and the cut-off for putting trash out be 9 a.m. The idea that you have to put your trash out by midnight the night before is unrealistic. The new time would reduce vandalism to the new cans and give the hard working people who are trying to get to work on time one less obstacle to wait on.
I watched the new robotic arm truck for the first time today. The jaws of trash picked up my can and dumped it in the truck with ease. The problem I have was that a worker then went across the street with my empty can and left it there and brought his can over to jaws and dumped it and left me his can.
I urge all our kids to remind their parents to recycle.