NEW WILMINGTON, PA Curfew stops many teens from post-midnight drives

Council will review the effectiveness of the curfew in a year.
NEW WILMINGTON, Pa. -- With one dissenting vote, borough council has adopted its first youth curfew.
Effective within 20 days, the curfew rules prohibit those under 18 from being on the streets from midnight to 5 a.m.
Councilman John Altman, who opposed the measure during the meeting Monday, said he is against "penalizing ninety plus percent of good people for less than 10 percent of bad people." Legislation was prepared after Police Chief Carmen Piccirillo reported an increased number of minors congregating in the borough and using tobacco and alcohol.
It provides exceptions for minors accompanied by a parent, involved in an emergency, going to or returning from work, at a legitimate event, on an errand for a parent provided they carry a signed note from the parent and other situations. Violators will be issued a warning the first time and subsequently will receive a summons to appear in court.
The ordinance provides for a review in one year on its effectiveness and the continuing need for it. Also, council agreed to the New Wilmington Municipal Authority's request for permission to charge customers who have sprinkler systems or other fire protection service connections effective July 1. This will only affect Westminster College, The Overlook and the Shenango Home.
Nancy Bergey of the authority, explained that because the borough incurred $1 million in costs to bring the borough's water system to a standard that made sprinkler systems possible, they believe it is fair to recoup some of the costs from those who benefit.