Checklist can help keep dryer running well

Dear Readers: Here's an annual checkup checklist for your clothes dryer. Even if it's working fine, it's a good idea to give the dryer a yearly checkup to keep it in good working order and help prevent a fire. To get started:
UTurn on the dryer, then watch and listen. If it moves or shakes while running, it's time to re-level it.
UTo get rid of lint buildup, remove the lint trap and gently scrub it with a soft brush in soapy water. Wipe out the drum with a damp rag -- lint can build up inside your machine, too.
UAlso, unhook the vent pipe and give it a good cleaning. Run water through both ends and allow it to dry before replacing it.
UBe sure to vacuum out the dryer vent and clean behind the dryer, too. Often, moisture, lint and dirt can accumulate by the wall. You should unplug the dryer before doing this.
UIf your clothes are drying slower than usual, check the outside vent, too. A buildup of lint can be a fire hazard -- please don't take the risk! Heloise
Dear Heloise: Do not place your home address on suitcase tags -- you never know who is at the airport taking down this information, knowing that your home will be empty. You can use your office address. Maryetta Vento, Clifton, N.J.
Dear Heloise: I, too, use one of the floor-cleaning products that have the pretreated pads that you attach to the mop. But I cut an old, white T-shirt into squares that I use in place of the pre-wet pads and just spray the floor with a very diluted floor cleaner. These are washable, reusable and do not add to our landfills. Gloria Duncan, Alpine, Calif.
Dear Heloise: You recently published a brilliant hint from a lady who used skirt hangers (the kind with clips) to keep her cookbook open while she was preparing her recipe.
I have quite a large collection of place mats for all occasions, and they were taking up an awful lot of drawer space in my kitchen. I purchased two sets of skirt hangers with very strong clips, each of which can hold six skirts; at the bottom there is a loop to which one can attach another set of skirt hangers. I have connected the two together, giving me a total of 12 spaces, and it hangs in my closet. I use them to clip together each set of place mats, clipping the matching napkins to the holders as well.
I enjoy your column in The Huntsville (Alabama) Times. Savannah Busby-Whitworth, Anniston, Ala.
Dear Heloise: I like all your ideas for using old shower curtains.
However, if you use plastic to cover outdoor plants when the temperature drops, you are risking burning the plants if they are not uncovered before the sun comes up. The plastic acts as a greenhouse, and plants can become quickly super-heated and severely burned. Better to use old sheets on outdoor plants. Dick Lastowka, The Villages, Fla.
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