Leaving a sparkling trail can't be helped

Dear Heloise: I have a dress that has silver sparkles on it. How do I keep the sparkles from getting all over everything? S.S. from Ohio
Sadly, there is no shining solution. We checked with the experts at The International Fabricare Institute, and they said that, unfortunately, there isn't anything you can do to keep the sparkles from raining off the garment.
Your letter struck a nerve in my office. One of my assistants went to her husband's company party and wore a pretty, gold sparkly shirt. Before she went to the dinner, she shook and shook the shirt, and lots and lots of glitter fell off. So, she thought she was safe. Well, everywhere she sat that night, she left a dusting of gold glitter. It was embarrassing, but everyone else thought it was quite funny. Really, your only option is to return the item to the store to get a refund, and the store can let the manufacturer know that this is not acceptable. Heloise
Dear Heloise: Regarding the hint about putting the name of the gift or your address on your card: I put the name of the gift on the back of the card, whether it's a birthday, shower, wedding or any occasion. If it gets separated from the gift, it can be easily identified. I have done this for years. N.R. from Arkansas
Dear Heloise: I have found that when my hands or nails get dry and cracked, I must use a pair of surgical or plastic gloves to put on my pantyhose. After I put each foot in, the gloves make it very easy to pull them up without snagging them.
Also, I use a hand can opener. I found that spraying it with nonstick spray makes it glide easier without hurting your hands. Leona Petcavage, Massillon
Dear Heloise: I read your column in the San Angelo (Texas) Standard-Times. Being heavy-busted, I have worn an underwire bra for more than 50 years. In the first ones I bought, the wires would poke out, and I had to mend them. I shared this problem with the lingerie shop where I bought them and was told, "Well, silly, that fabric is on the bias, and you must stretch it each time you wash it." So, the solution is to stretch the fabric wire pocket when you wash the bra, and air-dry it -- never put it in the dryer. Following this policy, I have never had wires poke out, and bras have literally lost their stretch before they had to be discarded. Norma in Texas
Dear Heloise: Mechanics and gardeners can sure make a mess of a kitchen sink. To keep this from happening, keep a plastic bottle of liquid hand soap outside near the water faucet. They can clean up outside, saving you from cleaning up inside. No Name from Texas
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