St. Elizabeth
Jerry and Michelle Wilson, 6514 Oakhill Drive, West Farmington, girl, Jan. 28.
Amy Hunter and Bernie Smith, 990 Compass West, Apt. 6, Youngstown, boy, Jan.28.
John and Erica Wallace, 310 N. Mecca St., Cortland, girl, Jan. 28.
Thomas and Mandy Brennan, 2457 Edgewater Drive, Poland, girl, Jan. 28.
Kimberly Fatula and Andrew Gibson, 838 E. Midlothian Blvd., Apt. 85, Youngstown, boy, Jan. 28.
Kevin and Andrea O'Neil, 554 Glacierview Drive, Youngstown, boy, Jan. 28.
David and Diana Myers, 727 S. Stateline Road, Sharon, Pa., boy, Jan. 28.
Sharon Regional
Mollie Klass and John Brown, 6382 Bell Ave., Hubbard, girl, Jan, 23.