SHARON Fight erupts outside school after Farrell hoops game

The fight involved just two people and didn't spread through the crowd.
SHARON, Pa. -- The first meeting of the Sharon and Farrell boys varsity basketball teams in the Sharon gym since a late-game melee ended a contest here in February 2002 ended with a fight in the parking lot at Sharon High School.
It was nothing like the melee that occurred in the Sharon gym, however, which led to a two-year ban on the two teams' playing each other. The ban was imposed by the Sharon City School Board.
Police said Saturday night's contest ended with an overtime victory for Farrell, and there was no trouble in the gym.
As people were leaving the grounds, however, two people got into a fight, one of them not yet positively identified, and the other a 17-year-old boy from Meadville who has family in Farrell.
The Meadville teen was released in the custody of family members and will be petitioned to juvenile court on charges of disorderly conduct and underage drinking.
18-year-old arrested
Police also arrested a Sharon student, Guy E. Schell Jr., 18, of South Myers Avenue. He wasn't involved in the fight, but police say he refused to obey orders to leave the scene.
Schell was later released on his own recognizance.
In February 2002, several people were arrested in a melee after the basketball game. The ruckus started between a man and a woman and quickly involved dozens of people.
Neither team was involved in the altercation. It involved only fans, police said. Several police officers were attacked during that brawl and several people were arrested.