PUBLIC LIBRARY | eBooks Step-by-step directions on how to borrow an eBook from the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County. More information is available on the "eBook help" page of the

1. Library patrons must have Adobe Reader 6.0 on their desktop or laptop computers or Palm Reader on their PDAs to read an eBook. Both programs can be downloaded for free at or from the library's Internet site.
2. To find an eBook, patrons can search the library's catalog on its Web site or click on the site's eBooks link. The link leads to a Web page that allows patrons to search specifically for eBooks. Patrons will find that the library has two types of eBooks: one for a desktop or laptop and one for a PDA. Next to the listing of each copy is a link that says "add to cart."
3. From there, borrowing the book is much like buying something from a Web site such as Library patrons click on the "add to cart" link next to the Palm Reader version if they want to borrow the eBook for their PDA. Patrons click on the "add to cart link" next to the Adobe Reader version if they want to borrow the eBook for their desktop or laptop. On the next Web page, patrons click the link that reads "Proceed to Checkout."
4. The Web site then asks for the borrower's 10-digit library card number, which appears on the back of the library card and starts with 2003 or 2004. Patrons click on "sign in" after they enter their card numbers.
5. The next Web page that appears asks patrons to confirm the book that they want to borrow. To borrow the book listed, patrons click the "Confirm Checkout" link.
6. That link will take patrons to a Web page that lists information about downloading the book. It also contains links that will take patrons to sites where they can download Adobe Reader 6.0 or Palm Reader. At the bottom of the page is a picture of the book cover next to a "Download" button. To borrow the book, patrons click the "Download" button.
7. An eBook for a laptop or desktop then downloads to the "My Bookshelf" portion of Adobe Reader 6.0. An eBook for a PDA can be downloaded straight to the PDA or to a desktop and then be transferred to the PDA, depending on the type of PDA. Download time depends on the speed of a patron's Internet connection.
8. The book will remain on the computer or PDA for 21 days. It will then disappear.