HELOISE Web site gives info on road construction

Dear Heloise: I heard there was a Web site about places to check on road construction before leaving on road trips. Do you have any idea what the name of the Web site is? Kay C., Via E-mail
Yes, I do. The Web site is www.fhwa.dot.gov/trafficinfo. Click on a state to find out what roads to avoid due to construction. This site even has weather-related road conditions. It certainly is a great help when traveling, especially cross-country. So, sit back and enjoy the ride. If you don't have a computer, many libraries do, so call your library to see if this service is available.
Also, each state has a Department of Transportation that you can call, and someone there might be able to give you the information you need. Heloise
Dear Heloise: Some of our west-facing double-paned windows have developed moisture between the panes. Some of this is minor, but one window is so foggy and awful that we can barely see through it.
My guess is that the seals have been compromised. Is there any way to remove this moisture and reseal the windows? Or is replacement our only option? Jane F., Via E-mail
I had the same problem in my office and had to have a large window replaced due to condensation between the two layers of glass.
The seal between the two pieces of glass keeps moisture out. When it breaks, the moisture seeps in, and eventually it will get cloudy. There isn't anything you can do to correct this except have the window replaced. Call a few glass companies and check prices -- some are more reasonable than others -- and ask for at least a five-year warranty. Good luck. Heloise
P.S. Some people say they use a hair dryer to try to dry the air between the glass, but I never had much luck doing this.
Dear Heloise: I hate to use paper bags when shopping, because it means cutting down trees. However, when I use plastic bags, I like to make sure I can recycle them.
Since my husband has his shirts laundered, I discovered that I can take the plastic bags they use to cover the shirts and reuse them in my tall kitchen trash cans by tying the two corners of the top of the bag together.
This seals off the end with the hole in it where the coat hanger goes. It makes a nice big bag that fits just right into the kitchen trash can. J. Monaco, McLean, Va.
Dear Heloise: I had trouble with some e-mail messages not printing completely, and this is how I solved the problem.
I highlighted the information in the e-mail and copied and pasted it into my word-processor program. The entire message can be copied, and then I can print from it. C.S. from North Carolina
Dear Heloise: We use the large checkbook containing 200 checks for our personal checking account. When we finish one and order a new one, I change the color from the current selection to a new one -- green to yellow, etc. That way, when our checks are returned with our statement, I know which ones might have been in the previous book. Carolyn McDonald, Alexandria, Va.
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