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MiniPage activities meet many state and national educational standards. This week's standards: Students understand the relationship between people, places and the environment. (Social Studies: People, Places and Environment) Students understand the influences of individuals and events on history. (History)
1. Draw a picture of yourself enjoying an outdoor event in Wyoming: fishing, hiking, skiing or riding in a rodeo. Write a story about your adventure.
2. Identify four famous "firsts" in Wyoming. Why was each of these important?
3. Find items in the newspaper that you would take with you to (a) Yellowstone National Park, (b) Cheyenne Frontier Days and (c) Jackson Hole. Explain your choices.
4. If you were a travel agent, what Wyoming sites would you recommend to (a) outdoor sportsmen, (b) historians, (c) geologists and (d) artists?
5. Use resource books and the Internet to learn more about Wyoming cowboys. Use these questions to guide your research: When did cattlemen and cowboys first start using Wyoming land for raising and moving cattle? What Native American tribes were affected by the cattlemen? What was life like for a cowboy in the early days of ranching? What is life like now for a modern cowboy?