Austintown trustees need to clarify views on zoning

Austintown trustees needto clarify views on zoning
According to Austintown Township Trustee Bo Pritchard, both he and David Ditzler are & quot;not in favor of putting buildings in neighborhoods just to get money. & quot; Imagine my surprise, as a resident of Austintown, to hear such a proclamation.
I have to wonder if Mr. Pritchard was misquoted. In November 2002, our trustees voted to accept zoning changes for property that directly borders neighborhoods. Residents frequently used that property for recreation. It seemed that the trustees had absolutely no trouble voting to put industrial buildings in neighborhoods at that time.
I think what Mr. Pritchard really meant to say was the following. & quot;If there is not a potential for large quantities of money at stake, we are not in favor of putting buildings in neighborhoods just to get money. & quot;
It occurs to me that Mr. Ditzler and Mr. Pritchard need to clarify their own views about what they are willing to do to neighborhoods in the township. At one meeting, they say that businesses can't directly abut neighborhoods (noise and shady characters at a club would detract from the neighborhood); at another they vote for light industry to literally be built in some residents' back yards (clearly the noise from the trucks and increased traffic won't bother the neighbors here). Then they revert back to not wanting a school to have the property in a neighborhood for the sake of the residents.
Please, Mr. Pritchard. Clarify your stance on this issue. When is it acceptable to disrupt a neighborhood? What exactly is the price for neighborhood tranquillity?
I'm a confused Austintown resident.
Ongoing feud in Austintownwill be detriment to progress
Well, who did not see the cat fight start? Probably the 4,000 Austintown residents who voted for Lisa Oles. This is precisely the reason I did not vote for her.
She has already made a name for herself, and it is not complimentary. I am not implying that she should blindly follow the other two trustees but accuse them of grandstanding? Now come on boys and girls, play nice. She has already confronted David Ditzler before she even took office.
I feel sorry for myself, my family and all the other residents of Austintown who are going to have to put up with this until we can vote another trustee out.
I can see the writing on the wall. The people of Austintown are not going to make any progress while these three are representing us. They are too busy with their own agendas to notice that the residents exist.
The trustees wanted the Austintown people to vote for them because they felt they would do a good job for the township. Put your money where your mouth is, and show the citizens of Austintown that you do care about the people who entrusted you with their votes of confidence. I know my confidence is shaky.
Evidence is lacking to backidea of large-scale evolution
Concerning evolution, too many treat it as a scientific fact. There are few scientific facts. In truth, there is very little evidence supporting large-scale evolution.
The only provable evolution is that which occurs to preserve a species, such as happens during a drought when the beaks of certain birds get harder to accommodate a change in diet. Yet items such as that are given as proof for atheistic evolution. We need to distinguish between micro evolution, which occurs and is observable, and macro evolution, which is being debated and many scientists are now doubting.
Macro evolution leads to a rejection of morals, such as occurred under Hitler. Micro evolution recognizes the possibility of God and doesn't impair morality.