AUSTINTOWN Trustee's sister resigns position, citing stress

Nancy Ditzler thanked township employees for their kindness.
AUSTINTOWN -- Township Trustee David Ditzler's sister has resigned from her job with the township, stating that her continued employment "can only result in conflict for the township and my family."
Nancy Ditzler's letter of resignation as road department secretary and janitor was dated Monday. She said Tuesday she decided to resign because she couldn't handle stress caused by the political conflicts in the township.
"It has nothing to do with [new Trustee] Lisa Oles, it has nothing to do with anyone but me," Nancy Ditzler said.
Oles has criticized David Ditzler and fellow Trustee Bo Pritchard for some of their decisions, and she recently said her relationship with them has been destroyed and cannot be rebuilt. She also has said she believes Nancy Ditzler was hired without trying to look for other qualified candidates.
"This was nothing personal" against Nancy Ditzler, Oles said. "It was the principal of the thing and how it was done. The job should've been posted, it should've been advertised, and a person should've been hired for her qualifications."
Work history
Pritchard and then-Trustee Rich Edwards voted in December to hire Nancy Ditzler to fill a vacancy as a janitor for up to 20 hours each week at a rate of $13.09 an hour. David Ditzler abstained from the vote.
"I love my brother deeply. He was only trying to help me," Nancy Ditzler said. "I don't want there to be any conflict between him, myself and anyone else."
The previous janitor, a laid-off township parks employee, had resigned to work for Mill Creek Park. Nancy Ditzler also began working as road department secretary earlier this month.
Nancy Ditzler said if she was offered the job now, she would not accept because she would not be able to deal with the atmosphere of conflict in the township.
"The atmosphere -- it just stresses me out," she said. "I don't really care for politics."
Nancy Ditzler also had worked as a full-time accounting assistant in the township at a rate of $13.09 an hour until April, when she was laid off.
Township Administrator Michael Dockry has said Nancy Ditzler was rehired because she had the most seniority of the laid-off employees. Dockry said he hasn't decided how he will fill the janitor's position now that she has resigned.
In her resignation letter, Ditzler thanked Dockry and other township employees for their kindness and support. She added that she will pray for a resolution to the township's financial problems.