A furious Maria ordered Brooke to stay away from Edmund and barred her from the hospital. Meanwhile, Edmund asked Anita to help him convince Maria that having the surgery is worth the risk. Ryan went to the rocks to say goodbye to Leo and realized Greenlee could be trapped in the mine shaft. Ryan removed the boulder and rescued Greenlee, as both were stunned to realize they had shared a psychic connection. When Ryan refused to give Kendall another chance, she crashed her car near David's cabin, then suggested that she and David have a no-strings affair. Tad found the secret document that could hurt Babe, as J.R., Jamie, Adam and Babe gathered in Joe's office to learn the paternity test results. Coming: Erica reaches the breaking point.
Alison faced danger when she joined Aaron and Curtis' scheme to bust Clark. Chris rescued Alison just as Clark was about to rape her. When Kim made a remark about Alison's lack of judgment, Susan declared war on Kim. Paul denied Craig's accusations regarding his knowledge of Cabot's adoption. After realizing that Carly and Paul are working together, Craig reported to Barbara that her son is trying to destroy her. Unaware of Craig's machinations, Paul made promises to Carly that he'll change the company name once Barbara is out. Sarah planted her letters in a scrapbook Jessica is taking to Bonnie, knowing the guards will see it. Coming: Carly is trapped in the middle of a war.
Pressed by Caitlin to tell the truth, Jackie snapped that she'd do it when the time is right. However, at Dr. Paxson's funeral, Jackie decided she should let the secret stay buried, and told Caitlin that the doctor's original test results are accurate. Ridge swore never to forgive Nick. Ridge was later stunned when he awoke from a nap to see Taylor appearing before him. Taylor also appeared to Brooke, assuring her that everything will work out. Hector caught Caitlin with Thomas' prep school jacket and rejected her defense of Thomas by insisting they have nothing in common. Coming: Taylor tries to give Ridge peace.
Bo arrested Nicole for Victor's murder but had to release her when Brady confirmed her alibi. However, Nicole panicked to learn that Victor's safe would be opened the next day, aware that he left incriminating documents about Colin's murder inside it. Marlena attempted to eliminate Shawn by stabbing a body in his bed, but it turned out to be Jan, whose wounds were stitched up by Nicole. Jan then surprised Nicole by saying she knows the safe combination. Doug realized that Marlena is the killer but didn't tell Julie the killer's identity. Wanting to give Doug extra support, Julie told Marlena that Doug knows who the killer is. Patrick covered his tracks after revealing to Julie that he knows about Jack's recent career. Coming: Secrets of the safe come to light.
When Alexis told Carly that Jason's testimony could help her win custody, Carly threatened to bring up Sonny's breakdowns in court unless Jason testifies on her behalf. Meanwhile, Sonny ordered Justus to make Carly look like an unfit mother. Scott sent Luke a video saying that he's alive and will never be found. A letter from Zander turned up that claimed Rick is responsible for his death, but Elizabeth kept its contents to herself. Nikolas was charged with murder and refused to accept a plea bargain. Skye vowed to battle Tracy for control of the Quartermaine assets. Tom admitted to Sage that he and Georgie were never a couple. Coming: Edward gets help from Luke and Skye.
At the fairgrounds, Carrie announced that one of the girls must die to make up for what happened to Maryanne. Marah, drugged from the substance Carrie put on the girls' rings, found Buzz's gun and shot Carrie, whose body was washed away in the current. Josh declared that he shot Carrie, as the men opted to say that Carrie had been stalking Josh. Olivia defied Cassie when confronted about the secret she's keeping from Phillip. Phillip was taken aback when Olivia asked him to sign an addendum to his will but went along with it when she said it's important for any children they may have. Coming: Josh risks all to save Marah.
Todd was found guilty of rape and sentenced to 10 years at Statesville Prison. Blair collapsed and was rushed to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Desperate to see Blair, Todd faked a drug overdose. The killer took Jessica to a cabin in the mountains, then triggered a post-hypnotic suggestion after she was able to phone Antonio. Antonio was concerned by Jessica's defense of the killer and wondered what was done to her. Jen realized that Lindsay had an affair with Rex and wanted both of them out of her life. Aunt Betsy died after making Adriana her heir, and Paul accused David and Dorian of foul play. Coming: Natalie gets a call saying Cristian is alive.
As Theresa sympathized with Ethan and Gwen's plight, Rebecca staged an assault on "little Ethan" for the camera. A gloating Rebecca told Gwen what she did, having forced Ethan into evicting the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Luis was suspended from his job and faced more heartache as Sheridan pledged her future to Antonio. Eve swore to Whitney she's not sleeping with Julian, but still couldn't answer Whitney's questions without revealing her sordid past. Chad encouraged Whitney to sing again, and she returned to the recording studio, while Liz planned to use Whitney to hurt Eve. Coming: Luis seeks spiritual guidance.
Questioned by the police about her whereabouts the night Cameron vanished, Sharon blurted out that she was with Nikki. Nikki was stunned when Sharon told her that she killed Cameron, who was trying to rape her. Meanwhile, Grace told Nick she ran into Sharon in a sports bar. As J.T. tried reassuring Brittany that people love and support her, he suddenly kissed her. Kay was overwhelmed with love for her daughter when Jill ordered the contractor to return the house to its original state. Damon shared his concern about Ashley's plan to stop the hair-straightening project with Vanessa. Upset to see Jack, Diane and Kyle enjoying a family moment, Phyllis went to see Damon and ended up kissing him. Coming: Diane seeks to protect her interests.
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