Juvenile justice center aims at making youths productive

Juvenile justice center aimsat making youths productive
A Feb. 10 letter to the editor was critical of Mahoning Juvenile Justice Center's policy of rehabilitation as an alternative to a failed history of incarnation and confinement.
Possibly the writer has not read the very clear and unambiguous JJC Mission statement:
(1) Provide for the care, protection and development of youths who come before the court.
(2) Hold the youths accountable.
(3) Protect our community.
(4) Restore victims to the extent possible.
The Juvenile Court has installed a strategy to develop and coordinate effective services and improve information sharing to accommodate a greatly improved court.
Perhaps the writer should read the prison horror stories in the Feb. 14 Vindicator. In Tallahassee, Fla., the head of a juvenile prison resigned after a 17-year- old boy died of a burst appendix after nurses failed to treat him.
In the same Vindicator, Sacramento, Calif., "Two teenagers hanged themselves last month at a juvenile prison." The story reported that, "The California Youth Authority came under fire recently from state-funded experts who said authorities overuse Mace, drugs, physical restraints and wire-mesh cages on misbehaving youths while ignoring or delaying mental or physical health treatment."
A visit to the Martin P. Joyce Juvenile Justice Center would show that similar horror stories are not likely to occur there.
There are few things more important than Judge Dellick's steadfast, firm undertaking to tap into the at-risk youngster's capacity to become worthwhile members of Mahoning County society.
Liberty police come to aidof a girl and her best friend
I must share this story with your readers. This past Friday afternoon, a young girl's puppy was hit by a car, next to our office in Liberty Township. The dog was immobile and in great pain. Our entire office tried to get help for the dog, which couldn't be moved because of its injury and because it was lashing out when anyone came close.
Our staff contacted eight veterinarians and Animal Welfare, none of which would assist the young girl and her pup.
The minute we contacted the Liberty Police Department two officers came on the scene to calm the pup and the young girl. Soon a third and fourth showed up to assist. These young men remained there for nearly two hours, until a resolution was found.
When they arrived, their uniforms were muddy, because they'd just come back from chasing a fugitive through fields.
I cannot say enough about their call to duty, their sensitivity and understanding that this was more than "just a dog," it was, as one said, a "young girl and her best friend."
A thank you to the Liberty police and all local police departments whom we can always rely upon to go beyond the call of duty in making our homes and families real communities!
The Spoiler from 2000 plans another run for presidency
I see where The Spoiler has slithered out from under a rock and reared his ugly head again. Not having heard a peep from him for three years, The Spoiler said Sunday that he is once again running for president because "The Bush White House has misled the American public."
No kidding, Dick Tracy? Don't you realize that Bush is in the White House because of you? You got 3 million votes in 2000 and Gore got 500,000 more votes than Bush, but because of Florida (where you got 97,000 votes) the Supreme Court handed the presidency to George W. Bush. If you had stayed out of the race in 2000, Bush couldn't have misled the American public. Get it?
And you want to spoil it for the Democrats all over again? At long last, sir, have you no shame?