Divorce from Thurman likely, Hawke says

Divorce from Thurmanlikely, Hawke says
LOS ANGELES -- Ethan Hawke has confirmed that his marriage to Uma Thurman is over for good and they will divorce, reports IMDB.com. The couple split last year amid rumors that Hawke had an affair with a model while making the movie "Taking Lives" in Canada. Hawke has never confessed to adultery, but he insists the couple's five-year marriage was in trouble long before the press caught on. "We'll probably get a divorce," he tells Details magazine. "The story of us breaking up over infidelity has been an annoying one. If our problems were that simple, we'd still be together. Uma and I were having troubles long before the press got a hold of us."
Combs wins lawsuitfiled by talk-show host
DETROIT -- A jury Monday found in favor of Sean "P. Diddy" Combs in a lawsuit filed by a TV talk-show host who alleged he was roughed up by the hip-hop impresario's entourage. Roger Mills said members of Combs' entourage also stole the tape of the 1999 interview -- breaking a camera in the process -- after he asked Combs to comment on allegations he contributed to the death of rapper Notorious B.I.G.
Mills said Combs immediately ended the interview.
The rapper, whose real name was Christopher Wallace, died in a drive-by shooting in March 1997. Combs' album "No Way Out" featured a Grammy-winning tribute to Wallace, titled "I'll Be Missing You."
Combs testified last week he couldn't remember the episode.
Girlfriend's implantsdisplayed in glass case
LONDON -- Watch out if you're on Rod Stewart's daughter Kimberly's Christmas gift list: She recently gave her breast implants to Jack Osbourne when she swapped them for a bigger pair, reports Ananova.com. Ozzy's son proudly keeps them on show in a glass case in his bedroom. "She gave me her boobs and I framed them. Not a bad souvenir," said Osbourne, who has been dating Kimberly since November. Osbourne also opened up about his problems with drinking and drugs: He started drinking at age 12 and smoking pot at 13 when his family moved from England to Los Angeles to boost Ozzy's career. The 18-year-old, who last year entered a rehab clinic, said he "just wanted to fit in. I was the odd one out and felt isolated. The drink and drugs were fun. I'd hang out with my dad's rock-'n'-roll friends. My parents let me do what I wanted."
Notable death
Joe Viterelli, a stocky actor whose pug face helped him land a series of roles as lovable mugs in mob flicks that included "Analyze This" and its sequel, has died. He was 66. Viterelli died of complications from heart surgery Jan. 29, said his son, film composer Joseph Vitarelli, who spells his last name differently from his father's.
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