NHL Web site promotes salary cap

The league is expected to lock out its players on Sept. 15.
In anticipation of the expiration of the NHL's collective bargaining agreement with its players, the league launched a Web site to provide its side of the conflict to fans.
The agreement runs out on Sept. 15 and a lockout that would delay the start of next season -- if not cancel it completely -- appears likely. The NHL is seeking cost certainty, which the union believes means a salary cap -- a solution it is not willing to accept.
The site, www.NHLCBANews.com, cite the findings of Arthur Levitt, the former securities and exchange commission chairman who was hired by the NHL to conduct an independent study into the league's finances.
Levitt's report revealed losses of $273 million last season on revenues of $1.996 billion, which he said threatened the NHL's viability.
The union challenged Levitt's findings, and players association head Bob Goodenow called the report "simply another league public relations initiative."
Goalie miscue
Nashville's Tomas Vokoun might be the first goalie to endorse the proposed rule change that will limit when netminders can handle the puck.
Vokoun had some trouble in the first period Monday night, and his mistake led to the first goal against him in Columbus' 4-2 win over the Predators.
He went into the corner and pushed the puck off the side of the net. Blue Jackets forward Manny Malhotra got the puck in the slot and was all alone in front of an empty net.
"It was just my fault. It was a bad play," Vokoun said. "When a goalie makes a mistake, it's in the net -- and that's what happened. It's tough, but there's nothing I can do about it now. If I would have put it this way or that way it really doesn't matter. Yes, maybe I should have done something different."
If general managers get their way next season, he will do something very different -- goalies won't be allowed to handle the puck behind the goal line.