HELOISE Vacationers need to be careful with valuables

Dear Heloise: Unfortunately, too many vacationers are lax on safety when shopping. I work at a supermarket, and when a purse or wallet is forgotten in a grocery cart, hopefully we find it before someone else does.
The owner needs to write his or her local information -- hotel, motel, condo or the friend's name, address and phone number where he or she is staying. The out-of-town home address is usually all we have to go by in locating the proper owner. We have to hope that the person returns for this lost item. I suggest that all vacationers write dates and information on an index card and keep it in their purses or wallets.
Just last weekend, I personally found two small wallets with traveler's checks worth hundreds of dollars and no identification on the outsides of the wallets. Luckily, the gentleman returned to the store for the wallets within a couple of hours. L.C. Hall, Naples, Fla.
Your first hint is the most important: Don't put your purse or wallet in the seat of a grocery cart! It's a perfect setup for a thief as well. This is really good advice for everyone, especially travelers. Thanks so much for sharing! Heloise
Dear Heloise: Don't laugh -- this really works! Recently, I had to remove a pullover sweater with a tight-fitting neck after I had finished putting on my makeup. I knew I would get makeup on the sweater, as well as on the one I was going to wear instead. The answer? I put my shower cap over my face. It works! Cathy Burow, Somis, Calif.
Dear Heloise: I use my debit/credit card when shopping and found it hard to identify the debits from the regular checks on my statement (or in my checkbook) when reconciling my monthly statements. Last month, I began highlighting the debits in my checkbook as I went along. When I got my statement, I immediately highlighted the debits on the statement. After marking off the regular checks, it was then so easy to go back and match up the highlighted items on both the statement and the checkbook.
I also find it easier to remember to deduct my debits if I keep the receipt in my wallet rather than putting it in the bag with my purchase. Marian McCabe, Fredericksburg, Va.
Dear Heloise: I recently had a baby, and I wash her clothes separately from ours. I have learned to put all of her little socks in a small, mesh lingerie sack that closes with a drawstring. The tiny little socks would otherwise get lost in the washer or dryer. Robyn Sekula, New Albany, Ind.
Dear Heloise: I have another use for those name-and-address stickers: I put one on the inside of each of my glasses cases (I have reading, bridge, sunglasses and driving glasses). I add my phone number.
Once, glasses I left on a train were returned because of the information I had provided. Karleen Heller, Cortlandt Manor, N.Y.
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