hBook pays a tribute to woodworkers' lives

hBook pays a tributeto woodworkers' lives
A woodworker's shop isn't just a work space. For many, it's also a retreat and a place of creative inspiration.
Furniture maker and writer Scott Gibson honors the bond between artisan and workplace in his new book, "The Workshop." The book takes readers into 33 shops that house amateur and professional woodworkers with a variety of specialties, including wood turners, furniture makers, carvers, a boat builder and a musical-instrument maker.
Included are shops in garages, sheds, old factories and even an earth-berm building, as well as a work area that incorporates a 20-foot rock-climbing wall and an artist's imaginative shop shaped like a rhombus with a swayback roof.
The book, however, is as much the story of the woodworkers as it is a look into their work spaces. Among the people featured are an artist who tweaks tradition by working whimsical surprises into familiar designs, a former Ohio banker who moved to Wyoming and built a homestead with his family, and the daughter of the late furniture designer George Nakashima, who carries on his work in his studio.
"The Workshop" is published by the Taunton Press and is priced at $34.95.

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