WARREN Chief wants security at large events at hotel

No more teenage parties will be held at the downtown hotel, the owner says.
WARREN -- Large parties at a downtown hotel should only be held if security officers are hired, Police Chief John Mandopoulos said.
In the wake of last weekend's melee on the street in front of Comfort Inn, the chief said it is extremely important for the owner to make sure security guards are present at all large events.
"I don't want to tell him not to have any more parties because I want him to be able to make money. But I want to keep the downtown area safe," the chief said. "This is getting out of hand and I want to get it under control before summer comes and more parties are being booked."
Police say about 100 to 150 people -- mostly teenagers -- spilled onto North Park Avenue early Saturday after a birthday party ended at the Comfort Inn. Police reports state there were many fights and yelling when officers arrived. Police arrested seven juveniles and one adult.
No alcohol
Ajit Patel, owner of the hotel, said the birthday party was for a teenager and no alcohol was served. He said a fight started outside when teenagers who were not invited showed up.
Patel noted that parents attended the party and security was not required. He said he plans to have no more teenage parties at the hotel.
Security is hired with adult parties, he added.
"Any type of large party should have security," the chief said. "We have one of the safest downtown areas around and I want to keep it that way. In the last two years we have hardly had any crimes in the downtown area but in the past few months I have had more than a dozen calls to the Comfort Inn."
According to city police records the calls to the hotel range from loud parties in rooms to theft.
The city's 100-year-old landmark hotel was sold to Patel and his brother Himasho last May. The brothers purchased the building from Kleese Development Associates of Warren.
The Patel brothers own three other hotels, two of which are Comfort Inns.