WARREN 8 face charges in melee at party

The police chief said he has received no citizen complaints.
WARREN -- A teenage birthday party led to an outdoor riot, trips to the hospital for a police officer and at least one party-goer, and allegations of police brutality.
Police say about 100 to 150 people -- mostly teenagers -- spilled onto North Park Avenue early Saturday after a birthday party ended at the Comfort Inn. Police reports state there were many fights and loud yelling when officers arrived.
"The crowd completely had North Park Avenue blocked so traffic could not get through," a report written by Sgt. Bill Boldin states.
Officers arrested seven juveniles and one adult. The juveniles face charges of delinquency by way of disorderly conduct and curfew violations. They are expected to appear in juvenile court later this week.
Inciting violence charge
Michael Simpson, 19, of Warren, was arrested on charges of inciting violence and resisting arrest. He appeared in municipal court Monday and pleaded innocent. He is free on a $1,000 bond. He is scheduled to return to court April 11.
An employee at Comfort Inn said no alcohol was served at the party. He said there was a fight outside of the hotel when the party let out.
Police reports state Simpson swore at officers, and was yelling at the crowd to hurt the police officers.
Simpson denied the allegations, saying Boldin hit him on the head with what he believes to be a flashlight. He said he was taken to the hospital later Saturday by his parents and was treated for bruises.
Police Chief John Mandopoulos said one of his officers was treated for a broken finger.
Simpson said he is in the process of hiring an attorney and is planning to file a complaint with the city.
Mayor Hank Angelo and Fred Harris, safety-service director, said a "complete internal investigation" will be done if a complaint is filed.
The chief said he believes his department acted properly.