HELOISE Call to get the caffeine information

Dear Heloise: Regarding your comment about tea having less caffeine than coffee: How can we find out how much caffeine is in various drinks? All other contents are required -- why not caffeine? Some of us want to cut back. Sharon from San Antonio
Many people are watching their caffeine intake. My office group checked the labels of a few different types of beverages and found that some of them did list caffeine, but no information on how much! We also noticed that the items without caffeine did mention that fact as well.
So, it would probably be best to call the toll-free numbers that are usually listed on the products and ask how much caffeine is in a certain product. Heloise
Dear Heloise: When I have to add multiple cups or teaspoonfuls of dry ingredients to a recipe, I place each one in a separate part of the bowl, so if I lose track, I can just count the individual piles I have made. I'd like to attribute my forgetfulness to age, but I have been doing this since my 20s! Dawn, Hagerstown, Md.
Dear Heloise: A hint to help us find stuff in the freezer: I always label everything I put in the freezer. However, I often became frustrated, needing to take several containers down to find what was written on the lids. Solution? Write the contents on a piece of paper and fold the top half of the paper under the lid, leaving the bottom half showing. This way, you will be able to read a whole list of contents with a brief glance!
Thank you for your column. I am 77, and you would almost think that at my age I wouldn't need hints anymore. But it is always interesting to read what bothers people and the simple hints that they are delighted to learn. Therese from Canada
Dear Heloise: My friend, Jackie from Virginia, gave me a wonderful suggestion I would like to pass along to you.
When shopping, always carry anti-bacterial wipes to wipe the shopping-cart handles. These can be placed in snack-size zip bags for storage. This is where a lot of people might pick up germs during the flu season. Sadie Greer, Chilhowie, Va.
Dear Heloise: My idea for refrigerating hot food: I put a paper towel between the lid and container. It soaks up any condensation, keeping the food from getting dripped on. I find the lid still fits tightly on plastic containers. D.P., Haines City Fla.
Dear Heloise: Begone, the laundry basket in the car trunk! Just put a knot in the handles of plastic grocery bags. The contents will go nowhere - and they're much easier to carry from the trunk to the kitchen counter. B. Thomas, via e-mail
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