RATES Certificates of deposit The table shows the annual percentage yield as of March 5. All yields given in percent. Balances required vary, and some banks offer lower yields if certain balances

Associated School--1.752.002.253.504.50
Charter One Bank -1.502.
Cortland Bank-1.251.502.002.253.504.00
Farmers National Bank1.001.001.511.812.023.554.01
First Place Bank--1.551.80
Home Savings & amp; Loan0.901.151.401.802.002.754.00
Key Bank0.600.750.801.00 1.10 2.102.91
National City Bank0.700.750.751.001.10 2.102.90
Ohio Ed. Penn/Pow. C.U.-1.251.902.252.503.254.00
2nd Nat'l Bank, Warren-
717 Credit Union 1.201.451.551.992.213.514.09
U. S. Bank1.
Source: Individual banking institutionsThe Vindicator