How members of Congress voted on key bills and amendments in the last week:
Human cloning
The House rejected an amendment to the cloning bill to ban cloning for reproductive purposes but allow stem-cell and other scientific research. Proponents said it would protect potentially life-saving research and organ transplants. Opponents argued that it is important to establish a clear ban on cloning. There were 174 yes votes and 231 no votes.
Ohio: Ted Strickland, D-6th.
Ohio: Tim Ryan, D-17th, and Steven C. LaTourette, R-14th.
Pa.: Phil English, R-3rd, and Melissa A. Hart, R-4th.
More cloning
The House, by a vote of 241-155, approved a bill to outlaw the cloning of human embryos for reproductive or research purposes. Proponents said the ban would protect against unethical experimentations into cloning humans. Opponents argued that the ban would affect important stem-cell research that could find cures for diseases without actually cloning any humans.
Ohio: Ryan and LaTourette.
Pa.: Hart and English.
Ohio: Strickland.
Protecting kids
The Senate, by a vote of 84-0, approved a bill to strengthen laws against child pornography and other forms of sexual exploitation of children.
Ohio: Mike DeWine and George V. Voinovich.
Pa.: Rick Santorum and Arlen Specter.
Source: States News Service