HELOISE Little suggestion makes big difference

Dear Heloise: I wanted to thank you for printing the hint a reader sent you about how to tie shoestrings. I am on my feet all day at work and always had to stop to tie my shoes at least twice a day. Then I saw the hint about putting the second loop through twice before tightening. It worked great!
I haven't had to retie my shoes once since I started doing it this way. It's amazing that they stay tied all day but still come untied with one quick pull. Thank you -- something so simple, yet it does make a difference to my day. Kathy, via e-mail
That's what this column is all about -- the sharing of hints! Heloise
Fast facts: Do you have a couple of wicker baskets around and are not sure what to do with them? Well, here are some hints that should come in handy:
USet one by the front door for keys and other items you need when leaving your home.
UPut one in the bathroom to hold washcloths and soaps.
UUse for catalogs, then go through and save the ones you use.
USet one on a washing machine and place soap tablets inside. This also enables you to see when you need to buy more.
Dear Heloise: I can't bear to discard my old magazines, so to save time, in each issue I jot recipe names and page numbers on a large sticky note stuck to the inside cover. Husband-proven recipes are then entered into my computer recipe file. S.M. via e-mail
Dear Heloise: I'm a busy mom and therefore have little time to get myself ready in the morning. I've placed two large suction cups (clear ones) on the bathroom mirror and hang my necklaces on them. I can easily fit five necklaces on each one. It helps keep them from getting tangled, and I can see them better than if they were in my jewelry box. Amy Koon, Hendersonville, Tenn.
Dear Heloise: I travel quite a bit for my company, and I always take the shampoo, conditioner, etc., from the hotel rooms I stay in. I accumulate them and once a year bring them to our local women's shelter. The shelter is delighted to receive all the goodies I bring, as so many of these women either don't have these things or can't afford them. I urge all travelers to do the same thing. V.P., Richardson, Texas
This is a favorite hint of mine also. Call a shelter, family, church or community center and ask what else might be needed. Heloise
Dear Heloise: This is a comment to the lady who wrote complaining of several sizes printed on the same clothes patterns.
For me, they are a blessing, because I'm a different size on top than on bottom. Also, I can sew for both granddaughters (who are different sizes) from the same pattern, thus saving me from having to buy another pattern. I hope they continue printing them that way. A Reader from Nebraska
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