MERCER COUNTY Fairgoers might find they're owed money

One of every 14 Pennsylvanians has some unclaimed property being held by the state.
MERCER, Pa. -- If anyone knows Edwin C. Moon, who used to live on Butler Street here, tell him to visit the Mercer County Grange Fair this week.
The state has $1,546 of his money and wants to contact him to give it back.
Pennsylvania Treasurer Barbara Hafer said representatives of her department's Unclaimed Property Bureau will be at the fairgrounds on Pa. Route 58 just one mile east of the borough from 4 p.m. until 11 p.m. today through Saturday to help process claims.
The treasury is the repository for unclaimed property that state law requires businesses to turn over to the state after the property has been abandoned for five years.
For instance
Common types of property are dormant bank accounts, stocks or dividends, uncashed payroll checks, uncollected utility deposits, unredeemed gift certificates and safe-deposit box contents.
Hafer said one of every 14 Pennsylvanians is entitled to some of the $728 million on the unclaimed property books.
The average claim is about $1,000, she said.
Getting people to file claims with Harrisburg has been successful, but the bureau has also launched an outreach program that sends representatives out to events such as the Grange Fair to help find people on their list.
Instant determination
Those representatives are equipped with laptop computers and can determine on the spot if a person has unclaimed property held by the state.
People can also file claims on the spot.
There are a number of other Mercer area residents on the list, Hafer said, noting that Richard L. Snyder, formerly of South Otter Street, is owed $1,500, and David C. Knopp, formerly of Latonka Avenue, is owed $563.