1st--True Dawn (Eads)5.002.802.40
Judgemental (Leeds)6.204.80
River Hills Cat (R.Zimmerman)5.60
Off 7:01. Time 1:15.67. Good. Also Ran--Tsunami's Majesty, Runaway Luck, Lido Girl, Edith Says, Apple's Hero, Royal Recovery, Pro Gamble. Perfecta (9-2) paid $29.20. Trifecta (9-2-8) paid $249.00.
2nd--Del Mar Dancer (Barber)7.804.803.80
Tahapo (G.Birzer)7.405.00
Danbuck (A.Marcial)12.60
Off 7:26. Time 1:07.00. Good. Also Ran--Extranet, Higher Desire, Native War Dancer, Capitol Society, Thaw, El Arrabalero, Corey's Minstrel. Daily Double (9-10) paid $20.60. Perfecta (10-5) paid $44.60. Trifecta (10-5-8) paid $815.80.
3rd--High Promise (McFadden)7.203.403.80
Miraculousmichel (R.Perez)6.205.60
Thanks Amy (G.Birzer)11.40
Off 7:55. Time 1:08.10. Good. Also Ran--Marja, Kipperella, Northern Twinkle, Wider Smile, Do It Again Honey, Vandaniere, You Can Too. Perfecta (6-4) paid $61.40. Trifecta (6-4-2) paid $524.00.
4th--Reasonable Diane (Stokes)89.6028.0014.00
Chrismitch (D.Brinkley)13.607.60
Accent of Gold (R.Perez)3.40
Off 8:44. Time 1:51.27. Good. Also Ran--Day Planner, One Up, Good Combination, Sergeant Mimi, Golden Smile, Jen's Diamond Girl, Under the Hill. Perfecta (2-5) paid $726.00. Trifecta (2-5-6) paid $3,705.00.
5th--Texasourtexas (Birzer)15.406.205.20
Quiet Strategy (O.Pereira)14.4011.80
Select Few (V.Flores)21.80
Off 9:06. Time 1:07.16. Good. Also Ran--Torrid Sand, Rockabye Music, Sunoke, Mike Regs Winner, Shomrim's Guard, Wakiewakieglenie, Musical Affair. Pick 3 (6-2-5) 3 Correct Paid $2,736.20. Superfecta (5-7-6-4) paid $11,973.00. Trifecta (5-7-6) paid $4,152.20. Perfecta (5-7) paid $193.40.
6th--Wadsworth (Zimmerman)
Cherokee Road (D.Parker)3.604.60
Aeras (D.Whitney)8.00
Off 9:30. Time 1:12.68. Good. Also Ran--Boalex Party, Iron Action, A's Anchorman, Mad Kipper, Catbite, McMaster. Perfecta (3-7) paid $59.40. Trifecta (3-7-1) paid $369.00.
7th--Cobra Lady (McFadden)2.602.402.20
Outback Annie (J.Perez, Jr.)4.002.80
Violet Eyed Diva (K.Mangold)4.20
Off 9:56. Time 1:15.45. Good. Scratched--Tiger Catress. Also Ran--Honorable Code, Our Lilly, Baileys Affair, Fitzbid, Lipstick Lies, Flying Oleta. Perfecta (2-9) paid $13.20. Trifecta (2-9-10) paid $101.60.
8th--Restless Sound (R.Perez)
Elm's Legacy (A.Marcial)11.606.40
Tenfortynine (D.Leeds)3.20
Off 10:23. Time 1:50.82. Good. Also Ran--Secret Ace, Bocelli, Diamond Joe, Personal Stash, Riata Goldrush, Al Berto, Ident. Pick 3 (3-2,5-7) 3 Correct Paid $126.40. Trifecta (7-9-8) paid $338.40. Perfecta (7-9) paid $86.20.
9th--Jade Julia (R.Perez)26.2012.806.40
Skifalett (C.Murphy)11.407.20
Bravehearted Lady (J.Flores)6.60
Off 10:46. Time 1:43.23. Good. Also Ran--Cryptorouge, For Bailey's Sake, Bates of Course, Joanie's Jett, Ogle, Devil in Pink, In Dancing Order. Perfecta (5-10) paid $212.20. Trifecta (5-10-6) paid $2,001.00.
10th--Dextro Tempore (McFaD)11.005.404.00
Playing Lit (D.Whitney)10.206.00
Master Mechanic (O.Pereira)2.80
Off 11:08. Time 1:59.14. Good. Scratched--Gray Package. Also Ran--Randi's Song, Mo Dixie, Wynn With Quinn, Honor Be Thy Name, Mont Eagle, Lonso Star. Daily Double (5-4) paid $248.20. Perfecta (4-5) paid $124.40. Superfecta (4-5-1-2) paid $1,939.20. Trifecta (4-5-1) paid $414.80.
Attendance: 1,561. $1,224,762. Handle: $37,393. Total Handle: $1,262,155.
1st--Call Ahead (Grismore)4.803.802.80
Busy Exchange(G Waple)26.805.40
Irish Jake(D Mc Kirgan)2.80
Exacta 5-2 Paid $92.80. Trifecta 5-2-9 Paid $410.80.
2nd--Tsm Royal Ability (Fout)10.004.804.40
The Baby Bulldog(D Hawk)7.006.20
Cartsman Joe(A Merriman)4.40
Exacta 5-7 Paid $63.80. Trifecta 5-7-1 Paid $346.60. Daily Double 5-5 Paid $27.00.
3rd--Lost and Maroo (Pantalean)26.4011.404.60
Cr Grandiose(D Hawk)3.402.60
Georgeontheboard(S Cox)3.60
Exacta 3-2 Paid $47.20. Trifecta 3-2-1 Paid $326.40.
4th--Water Scooter (Tharps)10.403.602.80
Nuclear Eclipse(K Holliday)3.202.80
Killians King(J Fout)3.40
Exacta 3-1 Paid $29.00. 1st Half Tri-Super 3-1-2 Paid $34.00. Superfecta 3-1-2-6 Paid $1,225.00.
5th--Escape The Ty (Pantaleano)2.402.202.10
Thegreenhorse(K Holliday)9.602.10
Mirth Is King(D Hawk)2.10
Exacta 3-8 Paid $35.60. Trifecta 3-8-9 Paid $156.20. Pick Three 3 OF 3 Paid $320.60.
6th--Hit The Beach (Pantaleano)3.202.802.20
Mudges Guy(C Wyers)3.402.60
Rag Man's Son(W Irvine)4.40
Exacta 5-3 Paid $10.20. Trifecta 5-3-1 Paid $68.00. 2nd Half Tri-Super NO WINNERS CARRYOVER $2,041.36.
7th--R Smart Alec (Fisher)26.409.204.00
Leading Raider(J Pantaleano)5.003.00
Jw Forrister(K Holliday)2.40
Exacta 4-2 Paid $155.40. Trifecta 4-2-3 Paid $352.80. Superfecta 4-2-3-1 Paid $2,543.00.
8th--Chanrock (Hawk)6.803.803.00
Flo N Easy(J Conger)5.202.80
Inquisitive(G Grismore)2.80
Exacta 3-2 Paid $32.00. Trifecta 3-2-4 Paid $105.60. Pick Three 3 OF 3 Paid $211.20.
9th--Papalou (Pantaleano)3.403.002.40
Fox Valley Chiaway(R Tharps)6.003.20
Reality's Place(W Irvine)3.20
Exacta 5-3 Paid $24.20. Trifecta 5-3-2 Paid $87.80.
10th--Sydney's Olympiad (Tharp)5.404.003.20
Sheza Solar Raquet(D Ross)6.403.80
Bruiser Sahbra(K Holliday)5.00
Exacta 5-2 Paid $42.40. Trifecta 5-2-4 Paid $345.20. Superfecta 5-2-4-9 Paid $2,398.80.
11th--Fancy Mart (Jones)27.207.804.60
Allamerican Coach(G Grismore)3.802.40
Fakes Folly A(J Pantaleano)2.80
Exacta 5-7 Paid $77.20. Trifecta 5-7-3 Paid $310.80. Pick Three 3 OF 3 Paid $61.60.
12th--Just Plain Dennis (Cox)17.008.604.40
Anastasia Broadway(J Conger)5.203.80
N V Jay(D Ross)2.60
Exacta 2-5 Paid $93.80. Trifecta 2-5-1 Paid $402.40.
13th--Hot-Rod Sahbra (Grismor)
Reward (R Tharps)3.002.20
Judge Paul (C Brown)4.80
Exacta 5-1 Paid $8.60. Trifecta 5-1-2 Paid $95.20.
14th--In The Purple N (Grismor)5.403.003.20
Handsome John (R Tharps)3.204.40
Point and Shoot (J Pantaleano)5.008.20
Exacta 7-2 $23.20 7-8 $44.60 L/D 5-7 $15.80. Trifecta 7-2-8 $247.20 7-8-2 $357.00. Superfecta 7-2-8-9 $1,132.80 7-8-2-9 $1,604.00. Pick Three 3 OF 3 Paid $97.20. Pick Four 4 OF 4 Paid $954.40.
Attendance: 2,042. Handle: $1,305,895.
1st--$10,300, mdn cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 51/2f.
Roar to Score, wt. 121; Stop Twelve, wt. 121; Wacos Prospector, wt. 121; Stones of Fire, wt. 121; Another Crypto, wt. 121; Sattolight, wt. 121; Geronimo, wt. 121; Parasevens, wt. 121; Deco Statis, wt. 121; Run Com, wt. 121. Scratched--Fast Faster.
2nd--$12,300, mdn cl $7,500-$6,500, 3YO up F & amp;M, 51/2f.
Anna's Advice, wt. 118; Maribel, wt. 112; Classy Serenade, wt. 121; Prune's Hope, wt. 121; Virtuous Image, wt. 121; Shelby's Ace, wt. 121; Stormin' Betty, wt. 118; Poker Hand, wt. 121; Web Waltzing, wt. 114; Random Thoughts, wt. 112. Scratched--Sword of Iron.
3rd--$11,300, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 1mi.
Dancing Canaveral, wt. 115; Polish Dee, wt. 115; Sliceotrouble, wt. 115; Runaway Kate, wt. 115; Shakeit Tothemoon, wt. 115; Explosive Action, wt. 115; Pammy's Grand, wt. 121; Just Like You, wt. 115; Our Shining Star, wt. 115; Kind Connection, wt. 121.
4th--$13,500, cl $7,500-$6,500, 3YO up, 1mi 70yd.
Musical Magic, wt. 115; Going Boldly, wt. 115; Pompano Beach, wt. 115; Bellisimo, wt. 115; Sheikh Dancer, wt. 115; Gene's Bid to Win, wt. 115; Brother Bob, wt. 115; Lord Harmony, wt. 115; Probatim, wt. 121; Stallvik, wt. 115. Scratched--Punch Drunk.
5th--$11,400, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 6f.
Lady Lear, wt. 115; Shante's Halo, wt. 115; Kolour Coded, wt. 115; Radyla, wt. 118; My Name Be Mrs., wt. 115; Haylee Moore, wt. 115; Cookies N Cream, wt. 108; Cuerdas, wt. 115; L. A. Queen, wt. 115; Princess Red Bird, wt. 115. Scratched--Cart's Snappy.
6th--$11,400, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 6f.
Star Island, wt. 121; Patti's Pro, wt. 121; Rubber Band Man, wt. 121; Promisor, wt. 121; Highrunner, wt. 121; Pasport, wt. 121; Action for Real, wt. 121; Bluffing Fast, wt. 121; Lovell, wt. 121; Diamondinthebay, wt. 121. Scratched--Ring Toss.
7th--$25,000, alc, 3YO (NW2 L), 6f.
Loco Lobo, wt. 116; Jumpingjupiter, wt. 113; Saddle a Dream, wt. 113; Fitzgerald, wt. 116; Rough Trick, wt. 113; Jump for Joyeux, wt. 116; Perfecto Westo, wt. 113; Harry's Whirl, wt. 113; Gringo Legend, wt. 113; Millenium Moe, wt. 113. Scratched--Dr. Dorminy.
8th--$25,000, alc, 3YO up F & amp;M (NW1 X), 51/2f.
Miss Hennessy, wt. 118; Alltappedout, wt. 115; Sandpit's Delight, wt. 115; Alice's Blue Gown, wt. 115; Southern Assertion, wt. 115; Fly by You, wt. 115; Cash Career, wt. 115; Forty Seven, wt. 115; Tammany Dash, wt. 121; Dancing Snowflake, wt. 115. Scratched--Turn a Profitt.
9th--$26,300, cl $12,500-$12,500, 3YO up, 11/8mi.
Hey Hey Vinny, wt. 115; Boy Genius, wt. 115; M C Squared, wt. 115; Just Allen, wt. 115; Lake Storm, wt. 115; Kodiak, wt. 115; Almost Golden, wt. 115; Charlie Haan, wt. 115; U. S. Gold, wt. 118; Unrelenting Desire, wt. 115. Scratched--Hands to the Side.
10th--$10,900, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 1mi.
Sixty Minute Man, wt. 121; Empyreal, wt. 115; Tabaco Y Ron, wt. 115; Clemency, wt. 115; Sage Road, wt. 108; Lil Deputy, wt. 115; Sir Purdue, wt. 115; Sky Eyes, wt. 115; Arms Wide Open, wt. 115; Breaker Boy Jack, wt. 115. Scratched--Prejohn.
1st -- PACE, 4000CL NW1, 2,000, 1 MI
No Passing Fancy,J Thompson; What City Please,M Konesky; Bridle Art,J Pantaleano; I'm Coming Back,P Melloy Jr; U S Maid,R Tharps; Esquire Sahbra,C Smith Jr; Rose Run Daquiri,D Hawk; Power Pirate,T Loy.
2nd -- TROT, 3000CL, 2,200, 1 MI
Pearl's Secretary,R Eidens; Win and Rein,C Brown; Major Disturbance,D Hawk; K D's Show Time,K Holliday; Sonic Scot,G Grismore; Billy The K,D Ward; El Conchita,J Pantaleano; Completedisclosure,K Koch.
3rd -- PACE, 5000CL, 3,000, 1 MI
Ima Happy Guy,G Grismore; Keep The Faith,B Sturgeon; Mr Benny's,K Holliday; Lucky Lynne,D Ward; Jacamia,J Pantaleano; Denarius Evergreen,R Tharps.
4th -- PACE, 4000CL NW1, 2,000, 1 MI
Lindsay A,R Naftzger; Lace N Ribbons,C Umholtz; Lujack,W Irvine; Scootin Scoonie,M Spearman; Solaris,J Pantaleano; Arturo's Crush,R Tharps; Perfect Waverly,D Mc Kirgan; Game Pedro,T Jones; Village Corky,G Bartlett.
5th -- TROT, LC NW2PMCD, 3,500, 1 MI
Jetes,D Hawk; Over Soft,J Joyner; Stylish Dart,G Grismore; Lowe Lane Lisa,K Holliday; Fiery Comet,J Smith; Profit Seeker,J Pantaleano; Skipper Chip,J Conger.
6th -- PACE, FMNW200PS, 2,000, 1 MI
Ts Miss Behaving,M Konesky; Pretty Bunny,B Sturgeon; Shesabigguy,J Green; First Hand Gossip,D Ward; Live Wire Hanover,J Pantaleano; Perty Star,A Merriman; Conviction,S Schillaci; Tricky Trippy,G Grismore; Kudsu,J Fout.
7th -- PACE, FM6000NW2, 2,400, 1 MI
I'll Be Sam'd,C Brown; Honor Student,D Hawk; Addy Turbo,R Tharps; Forever Flourish,G Grismore; Porker Lark Sister,S Schoeffel; True Irish Luck,B Sturgeon; Soul Song,J Thompson; Og's Ms Tonycapish,P Melloy Jr; Aruba Lee,W Irvine.
8th -- PACE, 10000CLNW4, 3,600, 1 MI
Dinn's Ghost,D Mc Kirgan; Genome,G Grismore; Holy War,R Tharps; Scootin Duke,A Merriman; Speedy Quick,D Fisher; Armbro Wiseguy,K Holliday; Jake Daniels,J Thompson; Lasting Trick,T Jones; Whirlwind Sahbra,B Sturgeon.
9th -- TROT, LC NW2PMCD, 3,500, 1 MI
Tugfire,G Grismore; Candacraigh,J Fout; Pj Stock,G Waple; Mighty Mitilda,D Hawk; Bronco Billy,R Tharps; Redandwhiteallover,A Merriman; Lil' Victory V,D Mc Kirgan.
10th -- PACE, NW300PSCD, 3,000, 1 MI
Mcnally,D Ward; J M Barbarian,J Fout; Faldo N,D Hawk; Mikenike,K Holliday; Reasonable Doubt,R Tharps; Bold Item,G Grismore; Investment Raider,A Merriman; Third Rate Romance,J Pantaleano; Seacam,B Sturgeon.
11th -- TROT, NW300PSCD, 3,000, 1 MI
Son of Edna,R Tharps; Red Blaze,J Thompson; Don't Inquire,B Sturgeon; Super Comer,T Jones; Cumindina,M Robinson; Bella Windswept,L Merriman; Zizi's Flight,D Hawk; Trifle,K Holliday; Lo and Behold,J Pantaleano.
12th -- TROT, LC NW2PMCD, 3,500, 1 MI
Dees Bomber,J Pantaleano; Im A Cricket Too,D Hawk; Herecomestheindian,B Miller; Dough Boy,R Tharps; Cable Gram,J Fout; Dancin Darvie,G Grismore; Big Red One,D Ward; Panjandrum Hanover,K Holliday.
13th -- PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Sunset Bay,S Schillaci; Sammy's Big Guy,A Manke III; Love That Jate,J Thompson; Kings Fortress,J Green; True Blue,D Palmer; E T's Candid Cam,G Grismore; Up Front G W,K Holliday; Last Starfighter,D Hawk; Pentium Chip,J Pantaleano.
14th -- PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Vincent Pan Go,F Harris; Joppa Jobe,A Merriman; Tough Play,J Pantaleano; Dakota Raider,D Ward; Moose Hill Mike,D Hawk; Holly Hill Beau,K Holliday; High Risk Express,B Sturgeon; Bright Dream A,J Thompson; Tindall Hanover,C Hershberger.
1st -- PACE, LC NW2PM, 3,500, 1 MI
Cedarlawn Trace,B Sturgeon; Artistic Kid,G Grismore; Daffy Duckster,C Wyers; Mark My Place,D Mc Kirgan; Rackematross,S Schillaci; Sir Kamwood N,K Holliday.
2nd -- TROT, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Shanghaied,C Myrick; Silver Star Noon,C Umholtz; Mariah's B,C Smith Jr; Academic,L Merriman; Parlay Who,J Fout; Pine Road,D Hawk; Kesser,K Dicks; Morecambe Miss,R Tharps; Its Ok Dont Cry,J Pantaleano.
3rd -- PACE, NW1CD, 2,400, 1 MI
Magical Passion,W Irvine; Mac Star Nukes,P Melloy Jr; Cambuktu,B Sturgeon; Summit Hanover,J Fout; Tospanini,J Sugg; Heading For Home,J Pantaleano; Arturo's Honored,K Holliday; Artfully Oak,R Tharps; Brother Braxten,A Merriman.
4th -- PACE, 7500CL, 4,500, 1 MI
Tip The Boat,J Pantaleano; Lord Lester N,S Schillaci; Thief In The Night,D Fisher; Joey T,T Jones; Tyler's Tyke,D Hawk; Mr President,G Grismore; Silent Cal,J Cummings Jr; Tyler's View,K Holliday; Broadway Bonanza,J Fout.
5th -- TROT, NW500PSCD, 5,000, 1 MI
Dr Bower,D Reynolds; Yl Face A Face,R Tharps; Potential Prakas,W Irvine; Nicole's Top Joy,K Holliday; Belle's Dana,J Pantaleano; Halfmoon Hudson,K Dicks; I Do It,D Hawk; Laines Replica,G Grismore; Cinderella's Man,J Fout.
6th -- PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Alexander F,B Sturgeon; Gold Bandit,S Schillaci; Kt's Trouble Again,D Hawk; Western Retrieve,J Pantaleano; Golden Spur A,J Cummings Jr; Dressed To Kill,K Holliday; White Feathercadet,A Merriman; Cams Pride,P Davie; Wynfield Club,L Dey Ermand III.
7th -- PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Bravo Star N,A Merriman; Mr Credit,J Fout; Smooth Scooter,D Ward; Ryanson,P Vargo; Battling Sahbra,R Tharps; Ls Purse Snatcher,D Hawk; Keystone Aussie,G Grismore; Hershel Kiss,J Pantaleano; Neurotic Nick,J Thompson.
8th -- TROT, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Fugeddaboudit,M Robinson; No Exchange,R Eidens; Super Blue Tick,H Beachy; Defi Gabe,D Hawk; Hi Kevin,J Sugg; Here She Comes,R Tharps; Comfortable Lead,G Grismore; Kohler Prakas,T Van Rhoden; Panalysis,W Irvine.
9th -- PACE, 15000CLNW6, 4,400, 1 MI
Carly Lee,K Kash; Spiritus,K Holliday; Ausom Nuke,J Pantaleano; With Cheer,G Grismore; All Shook Down,B Sturgeon; Peidro Pete,D Hawk; Blueridge Raider,A Merriman; Lavros Kisumu N,D Ward.
10th -- PACE, NW300PSCD, 3,000, 1 MI
Noble Sam,J Cummings Jr; House A Fire,J Fout; Badeyebaker,J Pantaleano; Single Bubba,D Miller; V'annas J C,W Irvine; Electric Tan Man,B Sturgeon; Alberto-Fino,D Hawk; Dragoon,K Holliday; Really Shady,G Grismore.
11th -- PACE, 6000CL, 3,600, 1 MI
Bluelick Rd,A Merriman; Sir Walter Raleigh,D Hawk; Ace Seelster,J Pantaleano; Long On Praise,K Holliday; Y Two K Compatible,J Cummings Jr; Ted The Kid,G Grismore; Magic Marker N,R Tharps; Handle Withcaution,B Sturgeon; Brando Lari,C Stein.
12th -- TROT, OPN, 9,000, 1 MI
Ultimate Message,J Pantaleano; Anastasia Baron,J Conger; Stan,D Hawk; Willmania,D Mc Kirgan; Kingston's Alive,K Holliday; Rose Run Blush,C Wyers; Tiger In The Woods,J Smith; Tancred,T Jones.
13th -- PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Apache Rama,R Tharps; Amber Gold,J Durante III; Daresbury Lane N,D Ward; Gray Flyer,C Wyers; Live Love Laugh,H Beachy; Mighty Mackintosh,D Hawk; S-Cargo Bluegrass,K Holliday; Southburn A,J Pantaleano; Remote Ruler,G Grismore.
14th -- PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,200, 1 MI
Perfect Beach,W Irvine; Millway Big Cam,C Wyers; Carlsbad Lion,J Pantaleano; Gus Angus,K Holliday; Whitehorse Charmer,G Grismore; Traction Control,D Ward; Hunters Mac,D Fisher; Eric Lance,D Hawk; Crazy Conuck,R Tharps.
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