1st--K D's Show Time9.005.204.00
Billy The K (D Ward)8.805.00
Major Disturbance (D Hawk)3.60
Exacta 3-5 paid $55.
Trifecta 3-5-2 paid $302.40.
2nd--True Irish Luck22.009.205.60
Game Pedro (T Jones)5.003.40
Esquire Sahbra (C Smith Jr)9.20
Exacta 5-2 paid $109.40.
Trifecta 5-2-4 paid $983.20.
Daily Double 3-5 paid $103.40.
3rd--Dees Bomber3.802.802.20
Big Red One (D Ward)4.202.40
Candacraigh (J Fout)2.20
Exacta 6-3 paid $14.80.
Trifecta 6-3-1 paid $37.40.
4th--Blue Rock Linen10.004.202.80
Scratched Sick (K Holliday)4.002.80
First Hand Gossip (A Merriman)3.00
Exacta 6-3 paid $46.
1st Half Tri-Super 6-3-4 paid $164.
Superfecta 6-3-4-2 paid $1,324.40.
5th--Keep The Faith6.602.802.40
Hershel Kiss (J Pantaleano)2.402.40
Cams Pride (P Davie)6.20
Exacta 5-3 paid $14.
Trifecta 5-3-1 paid $160.
Pick Three 3 OF 3 paid $60.60.
6th--Super Comer4.203.202.40
Son of Edna (R Tharps)5.202.40
Hi Noon Lady (B Sturgeon)2.20
Exacta 3-4 paid $19.80
Trifecta 3-4-1 paid $54.40.
2nd Half Tri-Super NO WINNERS CARRYOVER $30,795.10
7th--Seacam (B Sturgeon)11.807.205.00
Last Starfighter (K Holliday)10.805.60
Handle Withcaution (D Hawk)3.00
Exacta 1-4 paid $125.
Trifecta 1-4-2 paid $292.
Superfecta 1-4-2-3 paid $733.
8th--Ted The Kid (Grismore)6.604.402.60
Ace Seelster (J Pantaleano)4.002.80
Lucky Lynne (D Ward)2.20
Exacta 9-5 paid $23.
Trifecta 9-5-2 paid $56.20.
Pick Three 3 OF 3 paid $64.
9th--Jetes (G Grismore)5.402.402.20
Dough Boy (R Tharps)2.102.10
Dancin Darvie (D Hawk)2.20
Exacta 5-2 paid $9.60.
Trifecta 5-2-3 paid $43.80.
10th--Armbro Watchman19.606.004.60
Fakes Folly A (G Grismore)3.202.80
Blueridge Raider (A Merriman)8.40
Exacta 5-3 paid $46.20.
Trifecta 5-3-2 paid $577.60.
Superfecta 5-3-2-9 paid $2,963.60.
11th--Scootin Duke3.602.802.40
Dinn's Ghost (D Mc Kirgan)4.402.80
Holy War (R Tharps)3.00
Exacta 1-2 paid $12.20
Trifecta 1-2-4 paid $34.60.
Pick Three 3 OF 3 paid $181.80.
12th--Stylish Dart4.002.402.40
Skipper Chip (J Conger)5.003.60
Mighty Mitilda (D Hawk)2.60
Exacta 9-4 paid $27.40.
Trifecta 9-4-2 paid $94.60.
13th--Rk's E-Z-Go (AM)18.808.006.00
Addy Turbo (R Tharps)4.003.00
Honor Student (D Hawk) 2.80
Exacta 2-1 paid $66.
Trifecta 2-1-7 paid $329.20.
14th--Cr Dan Cam (GG)
Millway Big Cam (C Wyers)4.404.00
Tucson Pal (W Irvine) 4.40
Exacta 8-6 $37.40.
Late Double 2-8 $121.
Trifecta 8-6-9 paid $421.80.
Superfecta 8-6-9-7 paid $1,382.60.
Pick Three 3 of 3 paid $765.80.
Pick Four 4 of 4 paid $1,184.60.
Attendance: 1,928.
Handle: $1,641,662.
1st--Too Many Choices (LG)9.003.802.80
Markofclass (D.Leeds)3.002.20
Crowning Diablo (D.Garcia)3.00
Off 7:15. Time 1:00.78. Muddy. Scratched--Gone With the Gold, Battle Search. Also Ran--Oh Holy Me, Rhythm and Bloom, Charmin Fifi, Ducky Diablo, Cam's Margret.
Perfecta (2-5) paid $30.20.
Trifecta (2-5-3) paid $94.60.
Consolation Double (2-ALL) paid $9. $154,487.
Handle: $3,419.
Total Handle: $157,906.
(c) 2003 Equibase Company LLC, all rights reserved.
TODAY -- 7 P.M.
1st--TROT, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Kesser, B Sturgeon; Allyouneedtoknow, D Hawk; No Exchange, R Eidens; Bambino Breeze, J Fout; French Fry, J Coffy; Honeys Treat, F Harris; Defi Gabe, G Grismore; Its Ok Dont Cry, J Pantaleano; Mariah's B, C Smith Jr.
2nd--PACE, NW1CD, 2,200, 1 MI
Magical Passion, W Irvine; Lace N Ribbons, D Kennedy; Bay Man, B Arnett; Forever Flourish, G Grismore; Arturo's Crush, R Tharps; Cambuktu, B Sturgeon; Unleash Me, J Fout; Arturo's Honored, K Holliday.
3rd--TROT, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Morecambe Miss, D Hawk; Glorys Potential, W Irvine; Royal Over, D Ward; Tasha Valentine, K Holliday; Hi Kevin, S Cross; Parlay Who, J Fout; Pine Road, J Pantaleano; Panalysis, W Irvine; Free Flower, B Sturgeon.
4th--PACE, 15000CLNW6, 4,400, 1 MI
Carly Lee, K Kash; Investment Raider, A Merriman; Peidro Pete, D Hawk; Ausom Nuke, J Pantaleano; With Cheer, G Grismore; All Shook Down, B Sturgeon; Indignation, M Konesky; Bold Item, J Fout; Spiritus, K Holliday.
5th--PACE, LC NW2PM, 3,500, 1 MI
Classy Talker, J Pantaleano; Fighting Mark, K Holliday; Nukenuke Whosthere, R Tharps; Artistic Kid, G Grismore; Rackematross, S Schillaci; Cedarlawn Trace, B Sturgeon; Mark My Place, D Mc Kirgan; Daffy Duckster, C Wyers; Robby's Cameo, D Hawk; Sir Kamwood N, T Jones.
6th--TROT, NW500PSCD, 5,000, 1 MI
Kami's Call, D Ward; Lilian's Laser, C Wyers; Yl Face A Face, D Hawk; Potential Prakas, W Irvine; Killingtons Glory, G Grismore; Belle's Dana, J Pantaleano; B Money, T Jones; Agincourt, J Fout; Dr Bower, D Reynolds; Nicole's Top Joy, K Holliday.
7th--PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,200, 1 MI
Tough Play, J Pantaleano; Bright Dream A, J Thompson; Happy Listening, J Fout; Eric Lance, D Hawk; Gus Angus, K Holliday; Whitehorse Charmer, G Grismore; Hunters Mac, D Fisher; Jate Propelled, T Miller; Vincent Pan Go, F Harris.
8th--PACE, 6000CL, 3,600, 1 MI
Rambling Sahbra, T Jones; Long On Praise, K Holliday; Magic Marker N, R Tharps; Bluelick Rd, A Merriman; Broadway Bonanza, G Grismore; Jacamia, J Pantaleano; Denarius Evergreen, J Fout; Sir Walter Raleigh, D Hawk.
9th--PACE, 7500CL, 4,500, 1 MI
Take The Cheque, G Grismore; Tyler's Tyke, D Hawk; Lord Lester N, S Schillaci; Knockout Sahbra, T Jones; Joey T, J Pantaleano; Tyler's View, K Holliday; S-Cargo Bluegrass, A Merriman.
10th--PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Sunset Bay, S Schillaci; Washingson, S Cox; Skymeadow Mike, D Hawk; Gray Flyer, R Tharps; Alexander F, B Sturgeon; Cigar Express, G Grismore; Western Retrieve, J Pantaleano; Run On Billy, D Ward; Whisky Pick, D Fisher.
11th--PACE, 6000CLNW2, 2,400, 1 MI
Summit Hanover, J Fout; Poker Deck, D Ward; Hot-Rod Sahbra, G Grismore; Reward, J Pantaleano; The Mad Scientist, T Van Rhoden; Gabriel Evergreen, D Hawk; Millie Millie, L Merriman; Tucson Blaze, B Sturgeon; Kt's Trouble Again, K Holliday.
12th--PACE, NW300PSCD, 3,000, 1 MI
Chewy, A Merriman; Sammy's Big Guy, A Manke III; Love That Jate, J Thompson; Wakeshire Wyatt, J Pantaleano; Voodoo Beach, G Grismore; Dragoon, K Holliday; Badeyebaker, D Hawk; House A Fire, J Fout.
13th--PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Ls Purse Snatcher, D Hawk; Budmight, D Ross; Battling Sahbra, R Tharps; C Mon Co Coa, B Sturgeon; Steel Boots, K Holliday; Joppa Jobe, A Merriman; Moose Hill Mike, J Pantaleano; Jerry Direct, J Fout; Bay Towner, T Jones.
14th--PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Mighty Mackintosh, B Sturgeon; Apache Rama, R Tharps; Gunnymede Bayama, S Hill; The Desert Fox, D Ward; Dirty Dreamer, D Hawk; True Blue, K Holliday; Kings Fortress, J Green; Tell Who, G Grismore; Big Hammer, J Pantaleano.