St. Elizabeth

St. Elizabeth
Stanley and Ginger Wilczak, 186 Apache Lane, Columbiana, triplet boys, April 26.
Dean and Jody Clingerman, 869 Krehl Ave., Girard, boy, April 26.
Chad Balog and Regina Comer-Balog, 362 Marmion, Youngstown, boy, April 26.
Reva Glenn, 462 Clearmont, Youngstown, girl, April 27.
Forum Health Northside
Toni Wilson and Dion Davis, 340 Kendis Circle, Youngstown, girl, April 26.
John T. and Laura L. DeLullo, 6700 Sturbridge Place, Poland, boy, April 26.
Samantha Miller, 528 Pasadena, Youngstown, boy, April 26.
Edith King and Christopher Mackie, 27 N. Maryland, Youngstown, boy, April 26.
Steven R. and Maggie Coonce, 450 Holly St., Canfield, boy, April 26.
Ralph and Michelle Cassidy, 1355 Bedford Road, Masury, girl, April 27.
Amber Charles and Rick Carson, 473 Maryland Ave. N. W., Warren, boy, April 27.
DeMaine and Leslie Kitchen, 3302 Castalia, Youngstown, girl, April 27.
Chad and Jillian Dickey, 13832 Woodworth Road, New Springfield, boy, April 27.
Holly Kimmel, 358 Garfield St., Youngstown, girl, April 27.
Paul and Christine Spalding, 1783 N. Newton Falls Road , North Jackson, boy, April 28.