Urban center cuts
Cuts proposed in a budget passed by the Ohio House would reduce funding to the Urban University Program at Cleveland State University, which would mean a reduction in funding to Youngstown State University's Center for Urban & amp; Regional Studies, which receives funding from the UUP. Falling under the same budget is YSU's Center for Human Services Development. The possibilities:
Senate would revise House proposal and funding levels would rise to those proposed by the governor, giving YSU $216,000 in core UUP funding in 2004 and $210,000 in 2005.
YSU money and grants would continue.
House proposal would pass, giving YSU core UUP funding of $184,000 in 2004 and $179,000 in 2005.
YSU money and some grants would continue.
UUP core-funded full-time employees would be reduced from two to one.
Services would be reduced, no free maps or demographic information would be given to agencies; no in-kind work would be done for government and social service groups.
Higher charges would apply to fee services.
Center would lose financial wherewithal to participate in some grant projects.
House proposal would pass.
YSU support would be reduced. Grants would be lost.
Centers would lose support staff funded by YSU and grants, and struggle to complete contracts.
Local government and social service agencies would receive minimal or no support.
Source: Hunter Morrison, director, YSU Center for Urban and Regional Studies