Repairing the damage
Greenville has taken these steps to begin dealing with a $1.6 million deficit.
Raising the municipal resident wage tax from 1 percent to 1.7 percent and enacting a nonresident wage tax of 1.5 percent, moves expected to generate $600,000 in new revenue.
Transferring operation of the borough jail to the Mercer County Regional Council of Governments at annual savings estimated at $20,000.
Raising the fee for coin-operated amusement devices (video game machines) from $50 to $200 per year, a move expected to generate about $6,000.
Imposing one-year wage freezes in 2002 for all municipal employees. This year, police, firefighters and sewer employees got raises, but street department and office employee wages are still frozen.
Borrowing $660,000 in a no-interest loan from the state to keep operating in 2002 and 2003.
Reducing the annual library contribution from $13,000 to $8,000.
Adopting a state-mandated financial recovery plan that lists 222 specific steps the borough must or should do to regain a sound financial footing.
Source: Borough of Greenville