Cantor Ehrlich enriched us with his wonderful voice

Cantor Ehrlich enriched uswith his wonderful voice
I would like to comment on the recent passing of Cantor Ehrlich. He will be missed by so many people across the Valley.
I saw him perform the role of Tevye in "Fiddler on the Roof" once at the Idora Ballroom and again at the Youngstown Playhouse many years ago.
My mother and he worked at Rodef Sholom Temple for 30 years, he as cantor and Mum as organist. And his family and ours were friends always.
Those were the good days when Youngstown was in its prime. Rabbi Berkowitz was doing so many things for the community as a whole, Canto Ehrlich with his wonderful voice was performing, and Mum was learning 2000-year-old music.
A page out of the past.
Lowellville needs to fixparts of piercing policy
I am writing this letter concerning the Lowellville Local School District handbook sent out to all students about the piercing policy. They need to reword some things in it.
It says, "Males are permitted to wear small hoops and stud earrings. No other piercings are to be displayed."
My daughter was sent home because she had her eyebrow pierced. It was not displayed. It was covered with a Band-Aid.
She was told she could do in-school suspension, but when she returned to school the following day she was sent home and told she could not do in-school suspension. I have been told that another student was told to remove a tongue pierced, [but] he didn't, and he's still in school.
If my daughter's piercing was exposed, I could understand her being told to go home, but it was not displayed. If my daughter had to be sent home because of her piercing, which was hidden, then what's next? Are they going to make kids pull up their shirts next to see if the bellybutton is pierced?
I feel if the earring is covered, it is not distracting anybody. The school should be more concerned about the bigger issues with our kids these days, like the drugs, and not send home kids with covered piercings. At least they go to school and want an education.
If I am wrong on what display means (to show, make visible), please feel free to correct me.
Greenspan takes wrong turnwith ideas on Social Security
Recently, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said Congress should consider trimming Social Security benefits. He further stated that Congress should consider switching the inflation gauge used to make the annual cost of living adjustments in Social Security checks "along with other recommendations."
It is my recommendation that Greenspan be replaced by someone who would look after the great majority of people who pay into and receive payment from the Social Security system. Place someone in the Federal Reserve chairman position who will use some common sense when it comes to shoring up the Social Security and Medicare programs.
What do Social Security and Medicare need? More cash, not adjustments that will lower our retirees' monthly checks! Perhaps our Congress should consider making good on the I.O.U.'s for the billions snatched from Social Security during several global conflicts! This approach should certainly forgo Greenspan's ridiculous "recommendations."