SPRING TURKEY Pennsylvania, Ohio rules

Hunters are permitted to harvest one gobbler or bearded bird. The beard must be seen on the bird's chest. Legal hunting hours are a half-hour before sunrise until noon. Hunters should be out of the woods by 1 p.m.
Legal sporting arms are: shotguns plugged to three-shell capacity in the chamber and magazine combined; muzzleloading shotguns; and bows with broad-head arrows of cutting-edge design. Shot size can be no larger than No. 4 lead, bismuth-tin and tungsten-iron, or No. 2 steel. Rifle-shotgun combinations also may be used, but no single-projectile ammunition may be used or carried.
Hunters are required to wear a minimum of 100 square inches of fluorescent orange material when moving through the woods. The orange may be removed when a hunter reaches his or her calling destination, but it is recommended that hunters wrap an orange alert band around a nearby tree when calling and/or using decoys.
Successful hunters must properly tag harvested turkeys and report their harvest to the Game Commission in Harrisburg within 10 days, using the postage-paid report card provided when they bought their hunting license. On the report card, hunters must identify from which Turkey Management Area the bird was taken, as well as the township and county.
Legal hunting hours are a half-hour before sunrise until noon.
Hunters are required to have a spring turkey-hunting permit and can take one bearded wild turkey per day. A second spring turkey-hunting permit may be bought, allowing hunters to take a limit of two bearded wild turkeys.
Wild turkeys must be properly tagged and taken to an official check station by 2 p.m. on the day the bird is harvested. Shotguns, longbows and crossbows may be used to hunt wild turkeys.
The ODNR Division of Wildlife advises hunters to wear hunter-orange clothing when entering, leaving or moving through hunting areas so they can remain visible to other hunters in the area.