BROOKFIELD Township to conduct income surveys

The West Hill sewer project cost will exceed $2 million.
BROOKFIELD -- Township trustees and volunteers will be conducting income surveys in the West Hill section to determine if the area qualifies for federal money for sanitary sewers.
Trustee Gary Lees said the canvassing of the 178 residences will begin at 8:30 a.m. May 1, and continue during the day until completed.
If the West Hill is designated as a low- and moderate-income area, the Trumbull County Planning Commission will apply for a $600,000 grant through the Ohio Department of Development.
Streets in survey
The streets that will be surveyed are Warren-Sharon Road east of Yankee Creek; Body Street South; Diamond Street East; Diamond Street West; Atlantic, Meek and Pacific streets; and Brightview, Gaylord, Grover, Kimberly, Linden and Owsley avenues.
Construction of the sewer project is expected to cost more than $2 million.
The planning commission has dedicated $300,000 in community development block grant money to the project, while the county engineer has applied for $400,000 in state Issue 2 funding through the Ohio Public Works Commission.
Lees explained that in order for West Hill to qualify as a low- and moderate-income area, more than 50 percent of the households need to have incomes of less than 80 percent of the county median income of $38,298. The number of people living in the household is the other factor.
Alan Knapp, assistant director of the Trumbull County Planning Commission, said a two-person household would qualify if the income is $32,400. For three people, the income level must be below $40,500.
The survey is required, Knapp explained, because West Hill qualified as a low- and moderate-income area in the 1990 census. The 2000 census does not qualify the area because of income increases.
Those who qualify will receive assistance for the construction of laterals and tap-in fees once the main sewer line is built.
In addition, the use of CDBG funds prohibits assessments for people living in the benefited neighborhood.
Wednesday, county commissioners awarded a $50,716 contract for design of the West Hill project to Thomas Fok and Associates Ltd. of Austintown. The contract calls for the design of 10,300 feet of 8- and 12-inch sanitary lines.