ALLENTOWN, PA. Suspect in girl's slaying had written a to-do list

The girl's body was in a creek.
ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) -- A 17-year-old boy charged with killing a 12-year-old girl wrote a 23-point memo that described taking a girl into the woods, performing sex crimes on her and killing her, officials said.
The memo, called "things to do when you get a girl in the woods" was revealed at a Thursday hearing in which a judge ruled that Brian Bahr will stand trial for the February death of Danni Reese.
Court testimony said the first two points of the memo were: 1) Strip her bare and 2) Strip yourself.
James B. Martin, the Lehigh County district attorney, would not read items three through 19, other than to say they were "various aberrant sex acts."
"Beat her to death" and "Throw her in the river" were among the last items on the list, testimony revealed.
Officials say Bahr lured Reese into the woods near her Allentown home, killed her and left her body in a creek.
Police found body
Police found the sixth-grader's body underneath a railroad trestle on Feb. 27, about six hours after her father reported her missing.
Detective Wayne Simock said that when police questioned Bahr, he broke down and cried and admitted he "choked her by putting an arm around her neck and pushing her against the train trestle," Simock said.
Detective Susan Schoenberger testified that she found the 23-point memo in a backpack in Bahr's home. The backpack contained Bahr's schoolbooks, homework and notes with his name on them, Schoenberger said.
Bahr admitted to police that he had written the memo, Simock testified.
Glenn Goodge, Bahr's attorney, called the memo a "bothersome piece of evidence from a defense standpoint."
Bahr is being held in Lehigh County Prison without bail.